Amazing rodent takes a shower, just like people

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Удивительный грызун принимает душ, прямо как человек

The world wide web appeared a bizarre video showing a rat like rodent. It is known that the recording was obtained at the end of last month in Peru. The strange animal shown standing on their hind legs in the sink and calmly coated with soap suds, just like any of us in the shower. Include the following entry, you will be able to see this amazing spectacle for yourself .

Small animal obmenivaetsya slowly and even does not forget to reach out to hard to reach areas of your body. Looking at these pictures, you’d think that they show a man in the body of a rodent. Can we have this proof that reincarnation is real? If this animal is so intelligent that is aware of the importance of hygiene, in the next life he would be born a man. And maybe, as proponents of reincarnation, it’s just inbred in the animal man, say, for some sins in a past life? After all, there is the testimony of a boy named Dalavong (you can read about it in one of our articles) who remembers that he was a snake, and even told the details of how he was killed, the other the present of his father Chief, that is, being a reptile, he is well aware of yourself – just like people…

By the way, who shot this video, the Peruvians, have reported that when they turned on the warm water, the animal was washed off all the foam and ran back home…

Video: Amazing rodent takes a shower, just like people

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