Aliens abduct our water

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Пришельцы похищают нашу воду

Experts in UFOlogy made a statement about the abduction by aliens of water and other resources on our planet.

American by Amateur astronomers, it was observed that the facts of kidnapping is very easily provable. Thus, they argue that a large number of potholes and depressions on the Ground talking about the alien attacks on the earth’s resources.

As evidence, ufologists have cited the example of the story of some American pilots, allegedly having seen the «pumping» of water one spaceship.

There were reports about the abduction of the pilot of Australia, allegedly kidnapped and held in slavery for aliens for over 25 years. Next, the pilot miraculously returned to the planet, told how he was engaged in collecting the oxygen reserves of the earth’s atmosphere and sent them to the moons of Uranus.

It is worth noting that the first reported decision of ufologists from around the world to unite and create a unique map, where there are a variety of space alien invasions. In particular, ufologists there were noted areas where at one time or another observed the aliens. If you look at the map and check how many times watched earthlings we aliens, it turns out that only for the previous year of such meetings are fixed for approximately 84 thousand.

We know that ufologists during the mapping and the review relied on evidence concerning UFOs, clouds and silhouettes, like spaceships on the form. Ufologists stated that this is a serious invasion, stealing water from the poor so the resources of mankind. In 2017 the aliens was 12% of the indicators more than last year.

What do they want from our planet? It’s clear that they mainly focus on earth resources. If theft of resources actually committed, that is, of course, negatively affects the humanity, because soon the Earth may become poor and the water on the planet is so polluted and not fit for eating, which invented all the technologies for recovery, enrichment and purification of water. What happens next depends on the people themselves.

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