Winged monsters of Mexico

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Крылатые монстры Мексики

Mistakenly assumed that the bird, like the Man-moth are only found in the United States. However, it is not so. In Mexico these strange humanoids not once noticed. It is about these winged animals will be discussed in this article .

The appearance of the winged monster

It happened on 30 August 1967. while on duty the night guard Jose Padrino guarding the construction site next to the track «Mexico Ruth 57». While in his guard booth, Jose heard coming from outside a strange sound similar to a rattle. Was the hour of the night; taking a rifle, the guard came out of the trailer.

In the moonlight he saw a giant winged monster claws scratching metal beams lying on the ground. The monster noticed the man and moved towards him. Not relying on their arms, Jose Padron rushed to the booth. Fortunately, a terrible guest did not pursue him; with the noise once in the air, he disappeared into the darkness.

The guard until the morning spent in the shelter, and in the morning told replaced it on his incredible and dangerous adventure. Construction engineer Enrique Rueda carefully examined the place where, according to the guard, setting a terrible thing, and in fact found on earth strange tracks.

Prints measured and photographed: at length they reached 30 cm, depth was 12 cm. Even the most conservative estimates showed that the creature that left such traces must weigh at least 300 pounds.

The bird returned

After that, the guard went to the night shift only three or four. And not in vain: once they saw the same «winged demon», and even in the company of his brother. From the booth keepers was clearly visible, as these nasty looking creatures cavort on the Playground and play with different materials.

The monsters were like human heads, no beaks, but in the mouths full of teeth. However, to go out and look at these monsters closer people decided not to.

May completely trust their description and should not be, because fear, as we know, big eyes. At the same time, eyewitness accounts make you think that legends of the winged beasts with human heads are in the folklore of almost all peoples of our planet.

Крылатые монстры Мексики

For example, the ancient Greeks called such creatures harpies, and the Slavs – the Paradise bird Sirin and Alkonost. It was routine tale or history, which are based on the memory of actually living on the Land creatures?..

Other cases of encounters with winged monsters of Mexico

But back to Mexico. In 1984. two friends went on a camping trip. Near Cerro de La Silla their eyes appeared a large tree with a bloody trunk. Looking up, the travelers observed at ten meters height of the carcass of a wild boar, impaled on a branch. But who would do such a thing? Because no known animal (bird) not so high to pull such a weight?..

…July 20, 1994 at 11 o’clock in the morning, work in Rancho El Sabino passed the local cemetery. Suddenly, on a parallel track he caught some movement. After looking closer, the man froze in amazement: gravel, rocking from paw to paw, this is a fantastic creature with wings like a bird, covered with gray plumage. But the head and shoulders of the creature was very human!.. Noticing the outside observer, it slowly took a few steps, then took to the air…

A few days later, a monster was seen at the same place a woman come to clean the graves of their relatives. Unfortunately, journalists and scientists interested in amazing rumors, failed to detect any evidence supporting the authenticity of the messages about the mysterious monster…

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