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Взглянуть на Вселенную под другим углом

Space has always attracted the sight of men. It is this endless black void, many dotted with luminous dots, prompted primitive people to the creation of fairy myths. She pushed the development of mathematical thought, when the ancient sages began to think about the infinite. Trying to recreate in his mind a complete picture of the world, mankind, many of the invented religious cults, and abstruse philosophical doctrines. Although none of the residents of the planet Earth in those days exactly could not check their guesses about what is there, in the distant depths of space.

With the development of civilization, the study of stars, comets and many other celestial objects helped the disclosure of mysterious puzzles concerning the origin and development of our planet. Moreover, now astronomy enables mankind to look to the future, like its sister astrology once allowed ancestors to learn the secret ways of their lives. But space is so unfathomable, and bescreen that already existing facts and theories add to your list every day. And along with the already known in the Universe discovered new quirky space and education facilities. Our story about some of them.

Fermi Bubbles

Even the astronomer Edwin Hubble in the early twentieth century was able to prove that in the Universe there are myriads of galaxies. Our own very tiny island in the vast space, she received the figurative name «milky way» because the Earth is a cluster of large and small bodies looks like a river of spilled milk. This stellar education, if we consider it from the point of view of the observer on the planet, does not seem so small. In a flat image, it looks huge. But if you change the angle of view and look at the milky way from the side, he would have been thin, flattened and ragged, just nobody has been able yet to look at our Galaxy from this angle through the natural organs of vision.

However, this was only as long as scientists did not think to resort to using x-ray and gamma radiation. That’s when it was discovered that the milk cent of the stellar disk, felts mutilated, and perhaps embellished, protruding perpendicular to the Fermi Bubbles – two giant space rounded formations, the nature of which have not yet been able to figure out. But gamma-ray telescope Fermi was lucky enough to capture the streams of energy whose power is equivalent to the emissions of an army of exploding supernovas.

Bubbles have dimensions measured in tens of light years, and their approximate age is estimated in the millions. The nature and form of radiation give ground for assuming that the formation of the mysterious structure required immediate and powerful explosion, the prehistory of which is still unknown. Perhaps this energy emission massive black holes in the Central regions of our Galaxy. But perhaps education was the result of the explosion of the whole system of stars – a disaster that occurred years ago million.

Galactic superclusters

Star clusters in the Universe, as it turned out, there is an infinite number. But which of these structures is considered to be the greatest? One of now known is the Great wall Sloan. It is a huge complex of superclusters of galaxies stretching more than a billion light-years. And about the same distance it is from Earth.

The geometric structure of «the wall» consists of two different, vaguely resembling the wings of a huge butterfly, parts formed independently from each other and each having its own history. A similar accumulation was detected due to the microwave background radiation, which first came out in 2003. As a result of rapid technological development, astronomers continue to make new incredibly interesting discoveries.

Galaxy tiny

The size of the galaxy usually have in truth astronomical. This enormous swarms of stars that exist due to, constantly occurring in them, the gravitational and nuclear processes. Some of them consist of stars, the brightness of which had lost its force. But some are so bright that visible to the naked eye, despite their remoteness at a staggering distance.

Segue2 among his friends is considered to be space-galaxy-baby. Of course! It includes only the more than a thousand stars, at the time, as our native milky way, includes about a hundred billion suns of different sizes and types. And the total energy of the members of a small galaxy just 900 times the energy of the Sun.

Neutron star

As the stars appear and they disappear? In ancient times it was for people a complete mystery. But modern astronomers can easily answer this question and describe the entire life path from birth to the end of existence. Newly appearing star in the sky is not static, it develops, aging, and death is a colorful fireworks display.

Too massive star, exceeding in its weight the Sun times two or three, may not develop as other, ordinary white dwarf. They are compressed at the end of his life under the influence of gravity is immeasurably huge to the point of complete collapse. Then a huge mass concentrated in very small, for such cosmic bodies, volume. Often in such as their diameter does not exceed ten kilometers.

You can imagine what is happening in this point of space where the mass of six tons octillions accumulated in super small limited area, and what enormous processes are raging there! Matter, compressed in a vise to the limit (the density there is 100 billion times greater than earth), comes to the state of complete neutralization of matter. So the Orb turns into a neutron star.

These objects – pulsars, that is, strictly produces regular pulses of radio waves, the mechanism of which to date have not been practically studied. They send to space radiation, and the direction depends on the magnetic field changes, a line symmetry whose axis of rotation does not coincide luminaries. This means that a star of this type turns into some sort radiotochki. And sooner or later a «missile» can fire in the direction of the Earth.

The mythical centaur is preparing to shoot an arrow?

There is a reason for mankind to ponder and to understand that the space can be not just interesting, but also dangerous. And the star, pleasing to some moment in its beauty, able to turn into a present that knows no pity in their cruelty, the murderer. The universe is full of such objects, and some of them are from us very close. According to the latest scientists, this «monster» for a long time located in the constellation Sagittarius, where he is preparing to pave, and our planet is already in the crosshairs.

Double star WR 104, surrounded by a spiral nebula is from the Earth at a distance of eight thousand light-years. The main component of this binary structure has reached the stage of readiness for the explosion of a supernova. It was suggested that a flux of gamma radiation at the time of such cosmic upheavals being thrown into interstellar space, it is able to reach our planet. But such guesses, fortunately, proved groundless.

This time had passed! But what prepares us to space tomorrow? After stars explode in the Universe every day. If the radiation when such explosion was still overtake us, life on Earth will surely be threatened. Perhaps somewhere in the vastness of the universe some, as yet unknown, massive star is about to «click» giving start-destruction, and at the same time signing the death sentence of the unfortunate beings on distant planets.

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