Satanic oak on the river Alatyr

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The story of this anomalous old oak tree goes on the Internet in different variations than one year and are based on legends and anecdotes. The exact location of this tree is not specified anywhere, and no pictures of him. Someone sure is due to the fact that the text names are just distorted, others say that everything is just fiction.

Oak on the damn place

In the Mordovian woods on the river Alatyr is an ancient tract princely log — locals know. And supposedly it is there already from the XIV century, a huge oak tree, which has long been called Satan. No wonder so called: long, terrible, and incomprehensible story. Tell us about it what is known from Chronicles, legends, historical works.

Сатанинский дуб на реке Алатырь

Not going to get into the history of the princely feud in Russia in the distant fourteenth century, for example the main. In a bitter struggle Grand label on the Moscow throne was given to the young Dmitry, later nicknamed the don, and next to the Nizhny Novgorod-Suzdal Principality was ruled by princes of the family of the Konstantinovichi. There were three of them, but in our story, only the average of the brothers Dmitri.

Autumn 1374 on the Alatyr river came the retinue of Prince Ivan Dmitrievich, pursuing the Mordvin army. So far, Nizhny Novgorod army first came. Summary of part beat, part dispersed, and in memory of the victory of the Prince planted the oak in the very place that was afterwards called the Prince of the log. From this time begins the long and eventful history Satanic oak.

Whether Mordovian sorcerers conspiracy in death done in retaliation for the defeat, whether such was the fate of Ivan Dmitrievich, but he became the first victim of Satanic oak. It was like this: in 1377 in Nizhny Novgorod moved Horde Tatar Prince Arapca, marching from the banks of the Yaik river and the Aral sea.

Prince Dmitri had sent him to meet a strong army led by his son Ivan. Russian Druzhina stood on the river Drunk, and carelessly spent time: the Governor received the news that Arapca still far away — somewhere in the area of the Donets.

Stood in the July heat armor were piled on the carts or even Packed in baggage, the weapon also was not prepared for battle. The Prince, the Governor and the nobles indulged in hunting amusements. However, it soon began to receive disturbing reports, but they were not paying attention. «Who can stand against us?»— said the Russians and began to go in a simple dress. In addition, the army began General drunkenness.

A Mordovian princes, who knew their lands all the secret trails, secretly led the Tatars to the Russian Outpost of the squad. The second of August was caused by a sudden and crushing blow. The Russians were not ready to resist and fled in terror through a Drunk. During the crossing of Prince Ivan, with many nobles and ordinary soldiers were drowned, others were ruthlessly slaughtered by the Tatars and the Federal Mordovtsev.

And again, once again, rushed horsemen Mamaeva Horde in the land of Nizhny Novgorod. Knew that no Prince Dmitry Konstantinovich at the Bottom, and without it no one will have the proper resistance. Citizens on boats, planes, everything that stood tethered to jetties, — rushed to the other Bank of the Volga river and from there watched the ant flickering robbery for the brutal devastation and fire. Finally dissipated the smoke. The Horde, too, as the wind blew.

Battle on the river Drunk and the flight of the defeated

Сатанинский дуб на реке Алатырь

Hoping that after this defeat Nizhny Novgorod Principality was left without protection, and Mordvinians wanted to try his luck — came and began to plunder all that is left after the Tatars, and then went home.

But the Russian squad got her Drunk and defeated brutally. And to teach it, and in the winter gathered the princes of the strong army, which entered the Mordovia land «created it is empty», in the words of the chronicler.

Oak, as you know, by its nature, a good tree — it people go to gain power-energy. However, with the sapling Prince Ivan, obviously, from the very beginning something went wrong. A young tree has absorbed it in the energy of the dying fear and pain broken Mordovtsev, cruel joy of the winners. Maybe it changed his energy on the negative.

As the tree lived in the XV century, is unknown, but it is well known what was happening under his shadow in the XVI. Interested in his history researcher Andrey Nizovsky, writes:

«Prince oak log was popular in the middle of the XVI century. Assessing its spreading branches and sturdy, the oak was used as a ready-made gallows. This practice is entrenched in the era of the capture of Kazan (the conquest of the Kazan khanate in 1552), when the Princely oak log, according to legend, hanged two prisoners Tatar «magicians», and in the oprichnina times, and in times of Turmoil, when suddenly on the oak branches at once rocked the bodies of fifteen thieves… The bodies of the hanged were buried here in pits, according to custom, hung had no right to be buried in consecrated ground.»

In the XVII century oak was used in the «robbery business.» Forgot about him in the years of the uprising of Stepan Razin (1670-1671): first, the rebels were hanged nobles, and then to know «decorated» him full in the oven.

We can say that the oak of the Prince of the log are not lucky but death, it is nothing in its history, not seen. Under the roots rot, the mingled remains of the gallows, the branches swayed stinking «Christmas decorations».

And soon it’s time for the story, thanks to which the tree got its nickname dark — Satanic oak. It is associated with the execution of the witch of Agatha.

The Witch’s Curse

«The peasants of boyar Nikita Ivanovich Odoevsky writes Nizovskaya, filed a petition in which brought many of their complaints against 21-year-old witch, the girl Agafya Kozhevnikov, which entered into a relationship with Satan and the countless host of other demons. Engaging in witchcraft, Agatha sends damage, «she put kila», that is, herniation, and doing many other bad deeds.

To communicate with the spirits of Agatha produced a special magic drug that allowed her to fly on a broom, turn into a cat, and more. It is clear that only one thing she could not earn the death penalty.»

Agatha was arrested and brought before a Commission of inquiry. On questioning the girl, as was customary, were brutally tortured, demanding to tell you in detail about her relationship with hell’s forces. Tried, seen the glory, because Agatha admitted his guilt and called the people who caused the damage or who made the conspiracy to death. During the torture a young woman once fell into a trance, which was interpreted as clear evidence of the possession of the accused.

A long and thorough conducted business steward Gregory. In the end, the peasant agafea Savina Kozhevnikova has been recognized witchcraft and corrupt people. Handed to her was a Royal sentence: «And you’d zenke Agathia, giving spiritual father, ordered to the communion of saints, of the mystery of God, bade her bring to an area and said her guilt and abominable thing, they would tell her square in the Strub, obolochki straw, burn.»

The execution was scheduled for September 17, 1679. The rains that hot summer was rare, and stood around an unprecedented drought, so no problem with burning witches was not expected. However, as led Agashka to the square, whence did the fresh wind, the sky started to cloud clouds. When erected witches on fire, the wind is even more stronger was blowing shreds of oakum, which the executioners tried to ignite the straw.

But the flame still engaged, and then suddenly a downpour started, suddenly sagacity the fire. Royal servants, priests and the common people were frightened by the unexpected violence of the elements, perceiving it as a sign that the satanic forces determined to protect his servant. Penalty decided to move the next day. But the next day the same thing happened as yesterday. And on the third day too.

«You will never be able to burn my body!»cried Agatha, spewing abominable blasphemy and curses to condemn her to death.

Then someone remembered the Princely oak log. Was selected as the branch is thicker, the executioner threw the witch a noose, I… the branch snapped. Turn up with a thick bough, swung the rope, the executioner knocked out from under the feet of tenacious witch the bench… and again failed — this time the rope broke, only the third attempt managed to hang a witch.

Nizovskiy writes: «As the documents show, all members of the court, the sentenced Agatha to death and the perpetrators of executions in subsequent years, or died a violent death, or as a result of unexplained incidents. The witch cursed and their firstborn sons — neither of them died of old age in his bed. Most of them died at a young age and usually under the most horrible circumstances.»

Witch Alaska was the last person hanged on the oak, — no other penalty failed: broken twigs, torn ropes or did other strange things.

Almost a hundred years was oak in oblivion, when suddenly at the beginning of the last century, made themselves known again. Suddenly discovered that under him are the gathering of a secret satanic sect, are terrible rites. The County authorities have decided: cut down a tree, and the roots to be uprooted, so that even memory is left on Satanic oak.

However, they did not work out. As soon as he started, broke off a thick branch and crushed to death two people. Immediately remembered everything and Agafya and six times (!) tried to execute her, and the strange death of judges and their descendants. Then the authorities decided to go to the trick is to invite workers from another County, where this story not heard. Yes, again the thing: horses for no reason suffered, the cart with the sawyers overturned on a steep downhill and the driver broke his neck.

Since then, Satanic oak left alone. What black sect prayed beside him, what the devil was walking — no one knows. Only at the beginning of the 90s of the XX century already psychics «unearth» the history of Satanic oak.

It is not known how this true, but in the circles engaged in the study of anomalous phenomena, said that in 1992, called for the Prince log one well-known Moscow psychic and supposedly falling into a trance, spoke to the sinful soul of Agatha Kozhevnikova, told him that after the execution of her soul lies in this ancient oak. And will dwell there while the tree will not wither.

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