The legend of Sonya-the Golden pen

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Легенды о Соньке-Золотой ручке

For the first time the name of Sonya Golden hand law-abiding citizens of the city of Odessa recognized in 1913 from a newspaper article in the diary «Odessa mail» of the author under the pseudonym Ratmir. The newspaper snapped up in a matter of minutes, and even had to increase its circulation. Notes on clever pick pocket and con artist Sonya began to go every day and the public hungry for sensationalism was looking forward to every next room with the continuation of detective stories with an incendiary part of the Gold handle. Altogether forty such articles about brilliant scams elusive Sonya. What is so famous character of these publications?

The success of the detective essays were astonishing. Notes perceived by readers as adventurous novel with adventure, but the author insisted that the heroine of the stories has a real prototype and stories based on true events of gang life of Sophia Ivanovna Blyuvshteyn (nee Solomoniak). Based on these publications in 1914 the joint-stock company A. drankov directed by Vladimir Kasyanov and Yury Yuryev even made a silent black and white movie adventure genre in eight series under the name «Sonka – the gold handle».

At the same time, the former chief of secret police in Odessa Vitaly Vladimirovich von Lange was released the pamphlet, which was hotly denied the truth described in the paper of detective stories about the successful activities of thieves and fraudsters. Using your own version, in his publication «the Truth about the gold handle» the Russian detective defended the honor of the police uniform from the obvious irony of adventurous stories aimed at the sluggishness of the police.

Luck and the ability to deftly get out of all difficult situations leaving law enforcement officers with a «nose», the popular rumor was explained by the fact that, most likely Sonya was in the service of the police as an informant, introduced on Wednesday gangs of the gangster world. However, in any documents from the secret archives of the Ministry of internal Affairs has no information confirming the hypothesis that the Golden pen was introduced as a secret agent.

According to the preserved fragments from the biography of Sonya, she was born in 1846 in the town of Povonzki the Warsaw province of the Kingdom of Poland, part of then part of the Russian Empire. The birth name was sheindl sur Leibovna Solomoniak. Sonya came from a family of hereditary smugglers, and dealers of stolen goods, so literally from the cradle she touched the world of thieves and was raised in an atmosphere of lies and fraud.

Shortly after her birth the family moved to Odessa, at that time the fourth largest and developed port city in Russia, where smugglers could turn around and act fully in their criminal possibilities. Sonya received a very good education, was able to play music and knew six foreign languages. The music teacher often praised young Sonia said that she had a Golden handle, can out and took Sonya and his future criminal nickname. By nature she was a very capable, talented, kind and very artistic, able to transform quickly and get in the right role.

No wonder that, growing up, she decided to continue the dynasty of thieves. Not a good first marriage greatly strengthened her in this decision. It actually invented a way of robbing the rich of hotel and «Guten Morgen» in the criminal world became known as «Sonkin brand.» The idea of this robbery was simple and at the same time brilliant. In the early morning, when the rich residents was the most sound sleep, half-naked Sonya opened the lock pick door and quietly turned the inhabitants of the hotel rooms. In a situation when the inhabitants suddenly awoke, artistic thief pretended to be very sleepy, creating the appearance that he was going to go to bed. When discouraged by the owners of the room turned to her with a question, she portrayed a big embarrassment, apologized for the error number and retreated, quietly taking stolen good.

On this idea later in Saint-Petersburg was founded more than a rough version of hotel thefts and robbing the regulars restaurants and clubs, the so-called hypes. While attractive accomplice indulges a wealthy client, partner robs him and takes the room all the valuable things. Sonya was highly hypernia and thieves in the environment it was called a lucky maravilhosa, which means a successful pickpocket.

Another ingenious way of stealing in jewelry stores, invented Gold handle, was the fact that she was wearing dodgy shoes, the soles of which were made of a special hollow, filled with resin. Once in the jewelry store, she pretended to be a spoiled wealthy lady began to touch and twist in the hands of the most expensive jewelry. At some point she «accidentally» dropped one of them and quietly stepped with my shoes, the jewels stick to the resin. While the clerk was looking at the floor dropped a piece of jewelry, Sonya, with a negligent air quietly left the salon, sit in a waiting horse-drawn carriage and disappeared.

In August of 1885 in the new scheme of the robbery of Khlebnikov jewelry house located in the heart of Moscow on Petrovka street, right under the nose of the gendarmerie. Sonya hired a fake family of thieves Khitrovka. Under the guise of a rich lady with a family and a small baby in her arms accompanied her nurses, she visited the rich interior, scored the jewelry on twenty-two thousand and leaving a fake family as collateral, allegedly withdrew the money, taking jewelry. Brilliant a criminal case was the latest in criminal activities Sonka the Golden hand. It was followed by the arrest of a famous aferistki and the reference in penal servitude on Sakhalin. According to the materials of the criminal case during a search in apartment of the great machinators was literally discovered diamond fields.

In society, criminal Sonya is regarded as the initiator of the thieves ‘ common Fund that it owns the idea of its creation to the financial support of enterprises of gangs of thieves in a single gang structure. Sheindl sur magically acted on their victims, easily gaining their trust, despite the ugly appearance. It is sort of hypnotic in a way forced people to believe their most incredible stories and fiction. The genius of the Queen of thieves the world has remained unsurpassed until now.

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