What is behind the image of the flying horses from ancient legends and fairy tales

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In a famous set of medieval fairy tales «the tales of a thousand and one nights» has a story entitled «Black magic horse». This is another lengthy love story, from which let me quote here the description of this mysterious black knight.

The ruler of Persia, Shah Sabur received a gift from a sage horse, made of black ebony. Handing the gift, the sage explained: «This wooden horse in just one day will carry you further than a real live horse for a whole year, for he flies through the air like an eagle. No sea will be to you too stormy and the storm, no mountain will be too high. On this horse you will be able to overcome everything…»

Что стоит за образом летающих коней из древних легенд и сказок

Nothing to say, amazing properties for your horse! The great Unknown has demonstrated utterly astonished Shah flying qualities of the black horse. Sitting on his horse, sage turned some vertebrae in the neck of the animal, «the horse immediately with unbelievable speed flew into the air. Sabur Shah and his courtiers were astonished at the sight of such an amazing rider who soon became the size of an eagle, and then decreased to the size of a Sparrow, then became no more than the flies and, finally, completely disappeared from view».

What was this «vertebrae» that can work such miracles? However, to the uninitiated it was not. When on the black horse sat the Prince, the horse is not moved. And only after the Prince explained the function of the «vertebra», the horse came to life and began to move.

For landing it was necessary to use other small vertebrae that Prince did, after spending a long time in the air and not being able to get on the ground. At first he couldn’t find vertebrae that were incorrectly pressed him. «At the same moment he [Prince] had noticed that the horse clearly slowed its flight and fell to the ground.»

The Prince fell from his horse in a distant country, and then, having made a number of new flights, even went to China. There he showed the black magic of a horse in action there one king, and he at first couldn’t even follow the flight of the horse «because of the huge dust clouds», which was kicked up during takeoff.

In the further course of the history of the horse reappears in her becoming an important part of the action. One day it flew even the Princess who was able to quickly overcome your fear of unusual vehicle since «…the horse flew calmly, and was not shaking in flight».

That horse, heaving clouds of dust, there is nothing unusual. Unusual was the fact that they were so large that they often could not see «horse». And that the horse instantly rose into the air, it can be attributed to the desire of the impatient rider is wishful thinking.

However, the testimony that «the horse was shaking in flight», and for the launch and landing were used in various «vertebrae», looks truly amazing. Moreover, black horse, appears, could carry not one rider, but several.

According to legend, this amazing «beast» was placed in the Royal Treasury, where he presumably remains still, waiting patiently until we can find him!

The horse on the screws

In Chinese mythology, you can find not only the legends about fire-breathing flying dragons, but the winged horses. So, a skilled Carver cuts a wooden horse, for articulation which requires twenty-six screws. Then again there is a Prince, who with the help of a magical horse sent to distant countries and experiencing many exciting adventures.

He falls in love with a Princess, which is due to the startling beauty of his own father imprisoned in some kind of «air lock», resting on the clouds. Of course, the hero of this story manages to climb to the Princess on his flying horse.

By the way, at the disposal of the king, the Princess’s father, also has a flying horse with which he delivers in an air castle guards (that horse, I think, a very broad back and an equally huge saddle!), which should drive away the lover of the Prince.

However, to the dismay of the king, the guards and then sleep in a bouncy castle: maybe up there, affected by the lack of oxygen. And the Prince took advantage of that whenever it arrives to the Princess, and screw the horse carries the lovers in a safe place behind the clouds.

Thanks to the ancient mythology of the world, became another winged horse Pegasus, also having a divine origin. Pegasus flies freely through the sky and the earth, and no one to catch up and catch it. And only thanks to the help of the goddess Athena to Bellerophon young man, pet of the gods, able to tame Pegasus and force him to serve.

Sitting on the back of a winged horse, Bellerophon defeats many enemies, Yes there are hordes. And this imaginary invincibility one day went to his head. Bellerophon decided to fly up to the sky, to visit the gods. And so he took off and began gaining altitude, climbing higher and higher.

Что стоит за образом летающих коней из древних легенд и сказок

The father of gods, Zeus the Thunderer, at the sight of such audacity became angry and raised up in the sky, a barrier had sprung up which, the winged horse shot and dumped his rider. Bellerophon fell to the ground, scared crashed and hurt herself. However, the winged horse Pegasus continued flying alone, without a rider. It is Zeus brought the lightning that the metal around the world.

The one who will take the trouble to read the tales and myths of different peoples, will continue to meet the motif of «flying horse». It is usually highlighted the following elements:

• «The horse» has devices which provide him the ability to fly.

• Pilots must be able to properly use these devices.

• The pilot must prepare for the flight, in particular, to master the instrument.

• With proper «technique of operation» the «horse» can make countless takeoffs, landings and long-distance flights, and these flights will be calm, without shaking.

• When you take off the «horse» raises a huge cloud of dust.

• «Horse» can carry a lot of riders (e.g., soldiers) in a single flight.

• It provides an effective means of transport between the earth and the «air lock» that is a very large object located outside of Earth (perhaps like right others say mythology, this object is nothing like a space station in earth orbit).

• People who, without any thorough preparation climb on such a «horse» in «air lock», «sleep». This may indicate a sharp change in conditions, because guests are not prepared to visit the space station.

• The «horse» can damage and injure, causing the pilot to fall to the ground and get seriously injured.

Despite the fact that stories about such strange «horses» may be fantasy, despite the fact that the later chroniclers and interpreters have thoroughly revised them, the main substantive core of the tradition remains the same: it tells about some flying, a very powerful object, possessing the ability to move through the air skilful, dignified and enlightened pilots.

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