The magical needle in the apartment

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This story told a certain Christine Buckets. The year of the incident and the city is not specified.

«All the trouble began with the move to a new apartment. I had constant headaches, lost sleep, appetite. Dead cat Basil. I lost a lot of weight, milk I have lost two weeks after birth. There were swelling and made the veins in the legs, arms, chest and even on his forehead.

Then I realized the apartment was infested by a poltergeist. Dusty watches from the wall of the hallway moved to the table in the kitchen. Disappeared from the hallway Slippers to the husband, since they had not seen. My t-shirt from the shelf in the hallway was gone for two or three weeks, then came.

This occurred most often in the hallway. There are constantly torn to pieces light. Sharply smelled burnt rubber. Often became so anxious that I fear what is unknown, clothe the children and went with them to walk away from this apartment.

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In the hallway, I stood two large mirrors facing each other and reflects a mysterious maze corridor. Somehow over one of these mirrors I found polutorametrovy a needle with a short thread in the eye. «Maybe I haven’t checked the wall» — I thought then, but just in case, picked up the needle with tweezers, held over a gas flame and buried on the lawn near the entrance.

I was very much attracted our old Studio apartment and while walking, I would often go to the yard to look at her window. I thought I left it only yesterday, although since it’s been a few months.

One evening in autumn, the baby crawled under the table, huddled in a corner, and screamed, and then peeking out with fear and showed finger to the corner above the door. It lasted a week and a half or two. Waking up in the morning, the child was crying and pointing a finger in the same angle.

Somehow I pulled out from the mouth of a child half-rotten, like the fragment of tooth bone and took the old pink gum, which the kid also spend too much time.

The children began to hurt. My husband also had severe headaches, and several times I called for him an ambulance. All members of our family the bloodshot eyes appeared a lot of red spots, brown bag and some tape delayed eyes.

Falling asleep, I often heard creaking chair I have in my head felt like a ball, soft and sticky, rolled through my body.

I started to mention in loose-leaf calendar «strange days». Noticed that all the weirdness and our diseases occur or in the days of the last quarter (waning) magnifying glass, or in the days of the new moon. So, on Friday, the day before Easter, I saw pigeons flying to the kitchen window where I used to cook the children porridge.

Then I walked out into the hallway, and my view as a ray of the flashlight fell on the needle. Two around the door jamb of the hall and two near the jamb of the kitchen. Polusharovidnye, strung them on black squares. When I passed through the imaginary line of their connection, I was particularly dizzy and breath away, as when swinging on a swing. Then I helplessness fell on the floor to catch his breath.

I got the same tweezers, burned the needle with the squares over a gas flame and buried in the ground around the corner. That evening we got to their loft, once lost who knows where the t-shirt. Went to a trash barrel and burned it. Took out of the closet a long time ago brought out of the Church a bottle of Holy water. Sprinkled the corners of the apartment, things had washed it myself and the kids.

The next day went to the Church to the priest. He explained that you need to read daily prayers from witchcraft, morning and evening prayers. Wash the body with Holy water, sprinkles it in the apartment. To baptize children, to go to the sacrament, to sanctify the apartment. And I began to implement its recommendations. Bought the lamp and began to pray.

In the may new moon I again found the needle, but already in the nursery. One was stuck on the close up of the hands of the man above medium height, around the door jamb. The other at eye level near window. I again performed the ritual in their burning and burial.

Then, I made a wish: «Let the dream to me, which makes me evil.» And I saw myself in a dream in the cab of the truck, driving the elderly woman. She gave me a white flowers and constantly hiding my face, what a lucky me. When she got out of the truck and walked away, the figure and the hair I recognized a familiar grandmother Olga.

Grandma Olga was living in the apartment below us, in our old house, which is now so strongly attracted me. I often went to her to call the clinic, but she’s in my new house never was.

I called grandma Ola, but as soon as I heard the tube in her squeaky, «Yes», immediately put the phone in place. «Alive and well», he thought then. I stopped going to the courtyard of this house, began to pray for grandma Olga, that she’s nobody and never did evil.

All the anxiety, sickness began to pass after the beginning of the next new moon I was finally invited to the home of a priest who held a traditional ritual consecration of the apartment. Formerly the old flat lost its magical attraction.

A month later, I once again dialed the phone of the grandmother Oli, but I did not hear her squeaky «yeah» not after the fifth or after the tenth call.

— She died — told me a neighbor. She said that grandma Oli’s mother was a sorceress lived a very long time. Before the death of Baba Olya quarreled with all entrance and cursed tenants. After a week she was paralyzed, she died of a stroke.

After all these events we felt that it would be best to leave this apartment and find yourself another home».

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