Residents Gus Khrustalny scared the remains of a strange animal

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On the night of 25 January, the inhabitants of Gus-Crystal was discovered in the snow of a strange creature in the area of quartz plant. Videos and photos with the monster, which immediately «recognized» the mythical Chupacabra, has quickly spread on social networks. Inform on it

«I went to work and came across this stop,» he wrote at nine in the evening one of the residents in the community «Overheard in Goes», attaching to post a video.

Because the eyewitnesses were strongly excited by my discovery, I had to cut out sound from video (for ethical reasons). Of course, many did not believe that the Chupacabra really lives in their city.

Жителей города Гусь Хрустальный напугали останки странного животного

«People, are you crazy?»says Yana Z. «videos from the Internet then you throw and you and ears hung. Such draws as much as necessary on the Internet».

«Who has the machine, check, whether really there something is lying,» advises Alex S.

«Let the movie throw here with a view of the spot of Quartz plant,» offers Ilya T.

Soon, however, there are still a few videos with the creature and photographs taken by eyewitnesses.

«He’s still there», — says Ksenia L. «People are going to see on foot, someone pulls up on the machines.»

«The girls and I were riding in a taxi and saw with my own eyes», — says Oksana B. «a Terrible sight. One of two things-either a fake planted, or it’s a Chupacabra».

Residents began to wonder through photos and videos, what kind of animal it could be. Some sight even scared.

«Muzzle the dog and on the neck something like a collar,» — writes Dmitry S.

«If it sticks, that’s the umbilical cord, imagine the size of that creature!»- says Yaroslav N.

«The boar looks like it could have mutated,» suggests Natalie V. «Teeth like underdeveloped».

The journalists asked the head of the joint club trips and expeditions Anton Sboev, which is now looking for the Chupacabra in the forests of Murom. First, Anton and his colleagues have shown interest in the discovery of gusevka, but, after having studied the materials, admitted the forgery.

«The bottom row of teeth made of nails, — said Anton. — If so, then we have a doll, from a distance seeming quite real creature, but on closer inspection all becomes immediately clear. By the way, the video is too much. Verdict — well made doll. Who tried — well done, but give it for the Chupacabra and to mislead is not good.»

According to Anton Sboev, this happens often, because these things kindle the interest of the public and help someone to become famous in social networks.

By the way, earlier in Gus Crystal is also found lying in the snow fake «alien corpse». Although he made much rougher than the creature in the photo and video above.

Жителей города Гусь Хрустальный напугали останки странного животного

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