In Canada burned down the former orphanage inhabited by ghosts

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Where will the ghosts if their old home is destroyed? Will remain at the old place or to move to a neighbor’s house? Residents of the city of St. John’s on the canadian island of Newfoundland will soon probably find out the answer to this question.

Abandoned asylum for orphans, The Belvedere Orphanage, built in the 1850’s, recently fully burned, and in it, according to local rumor was inhabited by a few ghosts of tortured children in it.

The shelter building, The Belvedere Orphanage before the fire had been empty for several decades. After the fire the building was so badly damaged, half-collapsed, so the decision was made to demolish the building completely. It is interesting that the fire happened early in the morning and the cause of the fire in the press it was reported, it was only said that there is an investigation.

Before the fire

В Канаде сгорел бывший детский приют, населенный призраками


В Канаде сгорел бывший детский приют, населенный призраками

В Канаде сгорел бывший детский приют, населенный призраками

The fire occurred in April 2017, and demolition was adjourned several times due to problems with financing. To this day from a former orphanage, has little left, but it seems to continue to «resist» the destruction and completely demolish it soon.

The shelter building was the third oldest mansion in the city. In 1859 the nuns of the Sisters of mercy purchased the building and made there a home for girls. The shelter was quickly replenished with children, and in 1885 the building was expanded to become larger.

В Канаде сгорел бывший детский приют, населенный призраками

The orphanage was closed in 1967 after the overthrow of the Duplessis regime, and in the 90s in the canadian press finally appeared information about the fact that its walls were tortured and raped children. Such was the case in many canadian children’s shelters of that era, and that victims of abuse have gone down in history as the «Duplessis Orphans».

Over the children, in addition to sexual violence put inhuman experiments, they tested new medicines, they were lobotomized, and used as free labor, and so on.

Children died by tens and hundreds and no-one was worried. Often the corpses were buried in unmarked graves next to the shelter. In 1999, close to one of the hospitals for «sick» children had discovered a mass grave in which were buried the remains of more than two thousand people.

After the closure of the shelter in his building was a school, Belvedere Junior High School. Nun Lorraine Michael in the years 1971-1979 (in 1979 the school was closed) worked in this school and after the fire, she please tell reporters about the ghosts that lived in a former orphanage.

В Канаде сгорел бывший детский приют, населенный призраками

According to her, the building constantly heard the sound of someone’s steps, especially on the top floor, while no one was there. Doors to the classrooms themselves opened and closed, and employees sometimes feared alone to pace the room.

After the fire, and the destruction of the building the souls of innocent dead children may finally find peace, and can be in place of this building will be built new and they will move into it.

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