Aliens are among us for millennia, but masterfully disguised

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The author of this theory writer and researcher Johannes Fibig.

The idea of this hypothesis came to me in the context of the interest in apparitions of the virgin Mary. In 1991 my brother Peter published a book, «Heavenly signs,» in which we are actively considering such phenomena, and in which we — at least I would hope so — failed to prove that the apparition of the virgin Mary are not that other, as a manifestation of extraterrestrial intelligence, adapted to the consciousness and perception of people-contactors.

If we compare the incidence of UFO sightings mentioned in the apparitions of the virgin Mary, it is easy to see the closeness that differ both these types of phenomena. The diversity of such coincidences cannot be considered accidental. It does not fit into the framework provided by the laws of statistics, and random coincidences on the theory of probability, and we have to try to understand and analyze what lies behind both phenomena similar religious background where it is needed.

Инопланетяне присутствуют среди нас тысячелетия, но виртуозно маскируются

In other words, we have before us — camouflage, adaptation to specific socio-cultural and social conditions. A direct appeal to the imagination and ideas of man. The desire to put something in those same clothes in which we ourselves would like to see it. In other words, here before us not that other, as expressed in the phenomenon of mimicry.

Mimicry: optimal adaptation and camouflage

What is commonly understood by the word «mimicry»? It is borrowed from biology and according to the generally accepted interpretation, means protective property of some species of animals change color or appearance of the body, mimicking the appearance of other animals, inedible or able to fend for themselves.

Yes, that’s it — adaptation, adaptation. This alien the alien brain adapts to from a kind of options: to our perception, our ideas, our fantasies, fears and expectations. And, perhaps, in any other aspect of this complex adaptive tools is not realized as clearly as in the phenomenon of apparitions of the virgin Mary.

In principle, we behave almost the same (of course, if it is not interfering the profit motive) to find a new tribe somewhere in the South seas or in Africa. Our ethnologists are in the region not armed with neither helicopters nor the other miracles of technology of the XX century, just as the people who represent the real level of development of the native society who obeys their laws and customs to be accepted in their society.

Such research tactics today is called «observer-partner». Perhaps, such action is only a step on the path to a more highly developed mimicry, that is used by aliens against us, the people.

To what, actually, is my hypothesis of mimicry? Here is the main conclusion:

Representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence, able to visit our Earth, possessed such a high technical-technological («magic») standards, which was able to adapt its intellectual level to the level of the people who lived in different times and belonged to different cultures.

Along with this, they could leave future generations of people capable of space flight (in this case us, for we have just begun to discover them and prepare for new contacts), evidence of their existence, their arrival on our planet, and its highest possibilities.

Инопланетяне присутствуют среди нас тысячелетия, но виртуозно маскируются

Examples of this kind, taken in a cultural continuum, determined by the specifics of time and place, is truly countless. Here are a few such examples:

• appearance of God described in the Bible, in which, on the one hand, one can see traces of the incredibly high level of technology [space ships and the temple of Ezekiel (in South America), machine for the production of manna], but on the other — their content should influence the ancient Hebrews as a Divine revelation;

• the appearance of the gods of the Hindus and other peoples of India, which are adapted to the perception of the representatives of the cultural society and its religious and mystical beliefs and along with that allow today a very specific technical interpretation (Wiman, military technology, etc.);

• observed in the Middle ages, celestial phenomena, which each time correspond to the horizons of people’s conceptions of that time («flying shields», «fairies», «dwarfs», etc.); today they tend to see Parallels with ancient and contemporary contacts;

• the phenomenon of balloons, often observed at the end of the XIX century, when people observed the object, on the one hand, to correspond with the notions of that time, and on the other went well beyond the specific technical and technological standards;

• apparition ranging from the distant past to the present day, which in some cases resulted in cases of hysteria, when the masses of people who adhere to the Catholic religion, was allowed to interpret visions revealed to them or manipulate THEM;

• finally, the UFO phenomenon, so prevalent in our days: UFOs and related contacts and «theft» is the best fit our ideas about the alien ships, their crews and their behaviour. In this connection it should be emphasized that they did not reflect anything other than as a reflection inherent in the people of the late twentieth century, and ideas about advanced technologies. Thus, these phenomena and objects represent the synthesis between real-life alien forces and the flight of our imagination.

The hypothesis of mimicry binds together the facts and arguments previously rejected by the «psychologically» oriented ufologists, with the popular hypotheses about material objects.

As a result of such views UFOs as apparitions of the virgin Mary, and the visions of balloons the end of the nineteenth century, and the flying shields of the middle Ages and the «gods» and «phenomena of the gods» in ancient times, appeared as nothing more than mental projections of extraterrestrial intelligence, adapted to our then — projections, which are implemented according to the laws of mimicry in our earth plane and at the same time give us information about behind them structures.

In other words, we are dealing with so highly complex, carefully planned and focused on us, the people of the era of space flight, a strategy which the famous researcher Erich von Daniken many years ago successfully described the lush title «strategy of the gods».

The world we see around us is not the real world?

Today, there are very interesting ideas, sees in the world we believe is real, only a shadow of the true reality. Physicist David Bohm and biologist Karl Pribram not long ago proposed the idea of «holographic Universe» that formed the basis of the model of the universe, classically clear in its wording.

According to it, our brain, as stated in Bohm and Pribram, «the ways of mathematical thinking constructs objective reality by interpreting different frequencies, which are actually projections from other dimensions, creates the orderliness of being, stretching across space and time. The brain is a hologram, wrapped in a holographic Universe.»

Инопланетяне присутствуют среди нас тысячелетия, но виртуозно маскируются

What a hologram is, today everyone knows. It is an imaginary three-dimensional image of objects. Object photographed, filmed using a special camera and laser technology, is in the plane where, with the exception of a few ring frames.

But as soon as a flat image at a certain fragile a beam from the light source, the object is imprinted on the hologram, out of the plane. He becomes three-dimensional and material. However, the latter is nothing more than an illusion, for we should reach out and try to take the object imaged on the hologram, our fingers touch emptiness.

According to Pribram and Bohm, our universe is structured about the same way. Our brain or better say our mind is a kind of ray of light, in which we guess the illusory reality of the universe consisting of infinite number of tiny, not perceived by our consciousness frequencies.

This «plate» and imprinted on it the structure of the true reality we do not perceive. We simply cannot perceive because our brain is not able to do it. This is not just some kind of illusion that surrounds us and ready at any moment to crumble. It is enclosed in a kind of endless, incredibly complex and intertwined, Something that cannot be compared to anything available from our mind.

How — however, let us return to our topic — you will behave in the «advanced» extraterrestrial intelligence in the face of such a situation? What opportunities it has and how to act in our world, in our reality? Suppose he, the mind, has not only the knowledge of the internal relationships between different planes of reality, but also knows the means and ways by which you can affect the deep, invisible for us humans, the fabric of reality.

Very Wheatley, American writer, who, like many of his peers, spent his childhood in the poorest urban neighborhoods, once wrote: «If aliens visited us, we would find that they were outsiders, strangers in the most literal sense of the word, more alien than anything we can imagine».

This problem is more topical for us. We can’t imagine, that it was able to achieve «advanced» ignominy mind, ahead of us in development for many hundreds of thousands or even millions of years, how it develops and what motivations guided. Meanwhile, many of us never thought about the fact that such an intelligence does exist.

It’s like a virtual simulation in cyberspace

The concept of «cyberspace,» taken to determine an artificially created space, the whole Universe, existing with powerful computer programs. This cyberspace and virtual reality have the advantage that they can be not just watching from the outside, from the outside, but «enter» in them.

Wearing special glasses, which recreates the effect of three-dimensional space, gloves, sensors or even a «space suit», cybernaut can move freely in this Universe at your own discretion. He experiences it in another reality, completely alien to reality. Hard to imagine what we could achieve further improvement of the virtual reality, even if the first steps look more than impressive.

I am convinced that in a few decades, goggles and suits will turn into «old iron», and the brain will get an opportunity to directly «communicate» with the computer, and the impression that Cybernet was in another dimension, will be absolutely reliable. But what is a «true reality»? It really just an illusion?

American mathematician and Indologist Richard Thompson compares the worldview of the ancient Indians with the impression today is virtual reality. The ability of the gods, described in different Vedic texts, to create a Universe, the notion of «command points» scattered in the Universe — all this in principle is identical to the concept of a single virtual reality.

Neither Thompson nor I have never claimed that our world exists in kolosalnoe computer. As for cyberspace, that we think it is a good analogy for how organized and structured our world. All that we know about him, it’s just a surface — a shiny, sparkling, mirror-like surface, not allowing our взгляду7 to penetrate into her deeper.

American astrophysicist Timothy Ferris in his new book expresses the idea that the representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence in our galaxy Grand network of interconnected and vzaimoinduktivnosti space probes.

If we assume that many millions of years ago, intelligent beings really made sure to install any available to them Solar system similar probes that will gather all the necessary information and send it to their home planet, in this case, the whole universe today is permeated with a web of probes that provide contact between sentient beings.

These probes, which for simplicity I would call Ferris-probes, of course, able to do not only panoramic pictures and measurements in the atmosphere and observed the planet, but to obtain a comprehensive picture of the options. In this case, on the home planet (or heavenly body, which these intelligent beings consider their homeland) these data are processed and entered in the large model of cyberspace.

Perhaps these creatures have a very interesting opportunity: they can — if a Ferris probe, for example, already in force in our Solar system — just to contribute in an artificial model of cyberspace Land. So, perfectly safe and no risk.

They are, for example, can walk through the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, or to go on an expedition to climb mount Everest. And they can visit all the hot spots of the Earth, or to listen to mass in the square of St. Peter’s in Rome. And all this — sitting in his chair (or whatever they replace it).

Инопланетяне присутствуют среди нас тысячелетия, но виртуозно маскируются

The next step in the development of such probes is their use as a transfer device, focused not on the beings and their consciousness. It can create opportunities for them to safely descend from their world into ours, the earth, without any danger to come to «the aspect of cyberspace» and try to understand what we are, in fact, called my reality.

Physicist Michael Sword believes such a scenario is not only quite possible, but is closely related to the UFO phenomenon. According to his view, the role of the miniature Ferris-probes perform implants, implanted some contactees living among us under the control of aliens, even if the true homeland of the aliens is at a distance of many light years from their home galaxy.

For us to constantly monitor

Our brain, drilled four and a half billion years of evolution, in General, able to perceive only some of the facet points of reality. So the reality tunnel in which he lives each of us leaves some kind of a couple of meters to review. And all that is outside of these two meters, remains unknown and inaccessible to us.

Usually it’s not caused us any interest. However, nothing is more uncertainty than certainty in which we dwell. And the encounter with the «impossible» may come upon us much faster than time to end this moment.

There’s something about staying with us. This is something powerful influence on us. It manifests itself where we do not expect. It affects us in the forest, on deserted country roads, in clouds and the quiet rooms of our own homes. Ignominy intelligence behind It, apparently, abruptly ahead of us, maybe many millions of years.

He’s probably long ago learned to shape reality. Or, more precisely, unlike us, he already knows that no reality actually exists. Reality is just a figment and a product of our brain. The one who penetrated into the mystery of the situation, able to manipulate what we call reality. To manipulate when and how he pleases.

Some of the people «abducted» by aliens, the courage and strength to face his «kidnapping» to ask a question about the meaning of such actions, for the most part get the stereotypical answer: «It is our right!».

Your right? But why, why? Who gave them such right?

In another case, one of the «kidnapped» tells of the more fearful of the reaction of the creatures in the words that she threw them in the face: «You are werewolves!».

Yes, very precisely: it was the werewolves. They really are not what they seem to us. Their ability for mimicry allows you to securely disguise their essence. But who or what lies behind appearance?

No matter what questions we asked, no matter what and no explanations offered: they were invariably proven false. This scenario is a priori designed so that the deeper we try to penetrate into it, the more complex and confusing it is. One thing is clear: where something is and where something is happening. It happened in the distant past and is being done here and now, it’s happening among us.

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