The miracle of the Madonna with moving eyes from a Church in Rimini

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The icon of the Madonna in the Church of Santa Chiara in Rimini (Italy) in 1850 began to move the eyes. First it was noticed by the Countess Baldini, her adopted daughter and another young girl. The two girls returned to the Church the next day with the other women and a priest, and again saw the pupils of the Madonna rolled so that there was seen one squirrel.

In Santa Chiara rushed the pilgrims, and the Bishop of Rimini, ordered that the icon was transferred to St. Augustine’s Church, the largest in the city. It was taken by the triumphal procession on the main square of Rimini. When Madonna was transferred to a new place, during which the Bishop Faenza blessed the people with Her face, again it was noticed the movement of the eye.

Чудо иконы Мадонны с двигающимися глазами из церкви в Римини

Many famous dignitaries and clergy confirmed this fact. Cardinal Ciacchi swore that he saw the left pupil Madonna rolled seven or eight times: «I think one day I noticed movement in my right eye, but I s so sure to swear by.»

The ruler of Urbino saw how his eyes moved slowly from left to right and back. The Bishop of Pesaro, who could not see, climbed up on the table in daylight, to see the miracle that he has failed to see in the evening. He was not disappointed:

«While I was standing there for five minutes or more I could not see any change in the Holy eyes, though believers crowding below were so excited that their passionate exclamations, I realized that they see more than I do. I lifted up an ardent prayer to the virgin, begging Her… so that I could see, at least once, a Testament to Her Supreme power.

In this moment — and my eyes filled with tears — I saw the Shine of the pupils, when they proceeded from left to right and back, and then I saw the left pupil is moved to the upper eyelid so that it almost completely disappeared, leaving only the protein. From my eyes poured with tears, and I trembled so much that he was forced to descend with the help of two priests.»

The Bishop of Pesaro added that he then returned to Rimini with pilgrims from his diocese (parish) and spent many hours before the Holy countenance of the Madonna, but can’t see anything like that.

The Bishop of Peteni said that virgin lowered and raised his eyes once and looked at him «for a moment such gentle eyes that I could not hold back the tears». The Canon of Kansi from Bologna couldn’t see anything in the theater binoculars and brought the powerful binoculars that allowed him to see the eye movement.

Although Joseph Pini, the parish priest of San Gregorio (Bologna), noticed the movement of the eyes when I first visited the Church, he treated it with suspicion and approached closer to the altar to check if there are any signs of fraud. He stayed there for so long, blocking the vision of the congregation that they began to whisper discontentedly. He stepped aside, and the crowd again shouted that the eyes moved.

Father Pini told:

«I was convinced that nothing like this has happened… I exclaimed loudly, “no, No, we should not deceive ourselves. It’s not like virgin. Now there is no movement”. Then the cries subsided. About! My doubts are only intensified! Who knows, I told myself, if I’m not mistaken? Who knows, maybe this is not mere imagination? Then, after a moment, I saw clearly how the two pupil went to heaven and almost completely disappeared over the centuries, leaving only a thin black stripe, and the protein spread to the whole eye.»

The most thorough study of the Madonna was taken after moving which was quite often for the past six months, have almost disappeared and the icon was returned to the Church of Santa Chiara. The test was carried out seven well respected men, three of whom were priests.

Icon stuck two needles, and stretched between the thread celebrated the lower limit of the pupils. Then the seven of us, who decided to observe the icon all night, went to prayer.

With the words: «Pay Your blessed eyes, o our Protector, to us» — Madonna’s eyes began to move from side to side. Each in turn climbed on the table and made sure that when pupils had rolled, there was a significant gap between the thread and edge, which disappeared when the pupils fell.

Several witnesses in Rimini assured that also changed the complexion of the Madonna, from pale to pink. Some were convinced that they had seen the lips move, and the fathers Constantine and da Forli, both Capuchins swore he saw tears dripped from Her right eye.

The Bishop of Rimini, who examined the results of the Commission’s work, has studied a lot of reports and testimony about the incident in the churches of Santa Chiara and St. Augustine, including a large number of certified evidence of oath, among whom was the testimony of cardinal, three bishops, other clergy, nobility, artists, lawyers and doctors.

11 January 1851 he published its opinion, stating: «the Fact that he performed miraculous movement of the eyes in the icon of the Holy mother of God, is proven».

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