Scientists are studying the blood of rocker, which is 25 years old injects himself with snake venoms

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Danish scientists are studying the blood of American rock musician Stephen Ledvina to find antibodies to snake venoms. Over the last 25 years, a man who loves serpentaria, regularly injects himself with poison, according to

Himself rocker admits that experienced the poisons of about 35 species of snakes. Not all experiments ended successfully – several times Stephen was admitted to hospital and treated for necrotic tissue damage. But most of the poisons his body is well tolerated, and the Cobra venom, even gave them strength and a noticeably invigorated.

Ученые изучают кровь рокера, который 25 лет вводил себе змеиные яды

Associate Professor, Department of pharmacology, University of Copenhagen Brian Lochs called the case Ledvina miracle – most people in his place would have died from allergic shock or damage to the kidneys and bones.

Studying samples of blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and DNA the experimenter will help scientists to isolate antibodies to the various snake poisons. Because the previously used technology, tested in the XIX century – small doses of poison were administered to horses whose body is much tougher than the human, waiting for the production of antibodies and received the purified serum.

«Previously, we used the antibodies and peptides of animals, but the work with samples Steve gives us a unique opportunity because we can immediately obtain the antibodies developed by the human body and copy them to our catalog,» said Dr. Lochs.

He Ludwin notes that the special biological education had not, that does not prevent him to work as a caretaker in a London serpentarium and house keeping dozens of snakes. However, to repeat his experience to anyone he doesn’t recommend.

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