The metal covering 2000 years ago surpasses the capabilities of modern technology

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The metal covering 2000 years ago surpasses the capabilities of modern technology. The researchers found that the artisans who lived 2,000 years ago, used some ancient technology of applying thin films of metals to statues and other items that exceeds today’s standards for producing DVDs, solar panels, electronic devices and other items.

Металлическое покрытие 2000-летней давности превосходит возможности современной технологии

This is an extraordinary discovery, published in the journal «Accounts of Chemical Research» indicates «a high level of expertise of the artisans of this ancient period, which were able to produce items of such quality that it was impossible to beat in those days, and which has not yet reached by modern technology,» write scientists from the American chemical society under the leadership of Gabriel Maria Ingo, who made this discovery.

Gilding and silvering are known processes which are based on the use of mercury and used in ancient times to cover items such as jewelry, statues and amulets thin layers of gold or silver. Although they are often used for decoration, sometimes they are used with fraudulent purposes, to give the appearance of gold or silver, a less precious metal.

From a technological point of view, the ancient craftsmen 2,000 years ago in some unknown way managed to make these metallic coatings are incredibly thin, tight and receiving any form, allowing to save precious metal and improve their longevity – and our modern technology can not yet achieve this level of perfection.

It is obvious that without knowledge about the chemical-physical processes, the ancient masters systematically manipulated metals to produce extraordinary results. They developed a set of techniques, including using mercury like a glue, to cover items thin films of precious metals.

This discovery suggests that in ancient times some unknown people had a very high understanding of advanced technological concepts and processes that are impossible to explain with our existing data layer. Another example of ancient technology can serve as a known 2000-year-old a lot of the Antikythera mechanism – a metal device consisting of a complex combination of gears, which, according to the researchers, was used to calculate the positions of celestial bodies. as well As the Baghdad battery is a clay pot containing a copper cylinder with an iron rod in the center which represents, apparently, an early form of electric battery.

The level of sophistication in this case is striking for the period of two thousand years ago, and raises a lot of questions about where and how people of the time came that the knowledge on materials

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