UFO researcher has published pictures of the aliens

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Well-known British specialist Tyler Glockner, host of the popular UFO channel «Secureteam10» claims that he managed to get two old pictures of aliens made prior to the onset of the digital era.

Уфолог опубликовал фотографии пришельцев

Such a discovery is the researcher of UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations was made recently on one of the English exhibitions devoted to «flying saucers» and «green men». The author of the images is a Brazilian player who, according to him, was kidnapped on the night of 30 November 1982 aliens.

Уфолог опубликовал фотографии пришельцев

It is known that the incident occurred in the Brazilian city of Botucatu. The kidnap victim was a local resident Juan Valerio da Silva. That night a man woke up from a strange noise in the yard and decided to go outside to see what had happened. When he opened the front door of his apartment, he saw three humanoids, two of which were males and one female. Their growth was barely over a meter, and they were dressed in sparkling blue suits. The aliens approached the Brazilian bared his hands and touched them to him. At the same moment our hero lost consciousness.

Уфолог опубликовал фотографии пришельцев

In the morning relatives found the man outside, naked, and lying on the cold ground. Juan was taken to the hospital, where doctors found his blood traces of an unknown science of the drug. Subsequently, da Silva began to remember what happened to him after the appearance of aliens. Low humanoids took the man with him and put him in a spacious bright room. «Little green men» came to our hero, made him some kind of manipulation, but he felt nothing, as if paralyzed. At some point the man approached the alien, which is bare and joined with him in sexual contact. The creatures called themselves Rama and claimed to want to help humanity, and just study it.

Theft then happened a few more times, and da Silva allegedly managed to twice secretly take a picture of the aliens. The first photograph shows a vague silhouette of a humanoid in a spacesuit. His helmet was held a tube that was connected to the alien ship. The second picture shows a similar creature, standing near his «flying saucer» on another planet, where guests from the other world took the Brazilian. Can these photos be fake? Perhaps. However, many ufologists and experts in the field of photomontage carefully analyzed them and recognized that the footage is genuine.

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