Strange «fire ladder» to heaven

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Krasnodar newspaper «Sovetskaya Kuban» in the room of may 25, 1990, reported this unusual incident: «the Inhabitant of Krasnodar, the veteran of work, dear in the collective person Vasiliy Pleshakov 2 a.m. on 19 November 1989 witnessed the unusual phenomenon of which decided to tell just now…»

He told V. A. Pleshakov:

— I don’t know why I woke up in the night. Maybe you did the house shake from a passing freight train. Lying on the couch and looking at flashes of light on the wall. The impression is that located near my house, the bridge over the Kuban is a column of vehicles. Who do you think you can’t sleep? Not only as military exercises go. Stood up, walked to the window. Not seen on the bridge no cars! And the light you see comes from the clouds in the sky.

Pleshakov saw between the clouds a strong pulsing light. Flash, pause 2-4 seconds, new flash, new break. Suddenly, from a «pulsar» hit narrow beam of light yellow color. Ray looked absolutely fantastic. Contrary to all the laws of nature, he was… broken! Its lower end rested somewhere in the land behind the railway embankment, not far from where the house stood Pleshakova.

Странная "огненная лестница" в небесах

The witness continues to remember:

— Broken zigzag consisted of three light segments of different lengths. He froze in the sky, like in a magical dream. Hung motionless and was clearly visible. Light «pulsar» in the clouds began to weaken. Meanwhile, the beam began to consistently appear perpendicular upward-facing wedge, as pair of appendages or antennae. One pair, the second and the third, farther from the clouds.

When a fourth couple at the ends of the appendages first appeared fireballs. So, strictly maintaining the sequence and spacing in the sky lined up the extraordinary zigzag garland-the ladder, the lower end resting in the ground behind the embankment.

«Pulsar» is off. In the sky were shining brightly with only a broken ladder-festoon with numerous precedingly, the ends of which shone fireballs.

— I happened to have at hand a pencil, says an eyewitness. — I hastily sketched on a sheet of paper what he saw outside the window… After some time, as clearly as she had lined up, «magic ladder» began to remove his balls and little crossbars. They disappeared one after another in the direction from the bottom up.

Again pulse among the clouds a bright light source. Broken luminous line, destitute of precluding, slowly got into the «pulsar». And he began slowly to fade, continuing to podmigivat. Here is the latest weak flash… And that’s all. The impenetrable darkness outside the window.

In conclusion, V. A. Pleshakov said:

— And here’s a striking phenomenon! When I woke up in the morning… didn’t remember anything. Like he didn’t get up in the night, did not come to the window… Started to clean up things in the room, see on the table in a strange pattern that night when I went to bed, was not there. Stand, holding the picture, surprised, do not understand anything. However, for some reason can’t look away from him.

And then in my head, slowly, as the prints in a diluted developer, began to unravel the details of last night. It wasn’t a dream. I’m not a lunatic. And to draw not only at night but during the day do not like and can not. But here he is, picture, in my hands! If all this was true, then why do I not remember anything after waking up, although the memory never complained?

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