Valentin Uvarov proposes a «lunar dues»

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Валентин Уваров предлагает ввести «лунный оброк»

According to the former Director of one of divisions of the United rocket and space Corporation Valentina Uvarova, Russia currently can not rely on cooperation with the United States in the development of the natural satellite of the Earth, have to rely only on their own strength. However, the lunar program is the most conservative scientist will require more than 2 trillion rubles. And take them nowhere yet .

The only way the expert on space by the Russians to take the case, that is, to impose a voluntary «lunar tax.» This, says the expert, is not so much based on 100 million of the adult population and given 15 years, during which will be implemented by this project is 120 rubles per person per month.

Валентин Уваров предлагает ввести «лунный оброк»

Ex-Director emphasizes that this «tax» must be solely on a voluntary basis, that is practically invites the Russians to chip in on the lunar program, if the state has no money for it.

From the point of view of logic, everything seems right, especially Uvarov offers to install public meter entering and spending of funds, and all who donate to this project, make a special list carried on the website of the lunar program and later send it to Selena with the first flight.

«Lunar dues» was not inspired Russians

Despite all these fairly reasoned arguments, the proposal of the former «space Manager» was summoned to the Network far a mixed reaction, rather, you can even say: the opinion of Russians about «lunar dues» was mostly negative.

And it’s not even, write Runet users that 120 rubles for someone decent money (six loaves of bread, three quarts of milk and so on), Russian man, as you know, ready to take off his shirt if necessary. But that’s the trouble where we have no received money from donations (for example, even for the maintenance of orphans, children with disabilities), they certainly begin to plunder officials. This is from poor children shamelessly dragging the last penny, and there will be billions of rubles intended for what is unknown (for a fantastic program on exploration of the moon, which officials sneeze with a large bell tower). Yes, at best, said users, if half of the raised money will remain, at worst you will take away every penny. And that’s it – the project closes, years five-six…

What do you think, who is right, Mr. Uvarov or skeptical of the Russians?

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