What lies beneath the waters of the oceans?

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Что скрывается под водами мирового океана?

The official science says that humanity is almost completely explored his home world, however, this statement does not agree, many researchers of water resources of our planet. If you believe their words, we have not even explored the land, and about the dark depths of the earth’s oceans and does nothing to tell. There, under the water may be hiding not only an amazing living organisms, but also previously unknown minerals, fragments of asteroids and even the ruins of mysterious civilizations of the past. The same view is shared by ufologists who claim that they have hard evidence of mass hiding extraterrestrial technology under the waters of the world ocean. What really hides dark abyss, and we already know it?

The ocean in it and life began on this planet. Thanks to the incredible coincidences and good fortune, microorganisms in the primary broth was able to successfully evolve into advanced forms of life. Many millions of years living creatures changed and adapted to the environmental conditions, unsustainable species have become extinct due to natural causes. However, in an uncertain moment in history changed everything. In the ecosystem has a completely new look. He was different from all the rest of his weakness and physical vulnerability, however, was smarter. Yes, this was primitive man. Opponents of the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin is not just focused on the fact that this kind of could not emerge from natural evolution. Man is the most complex organism on the planet, we have thousands of years of study themselves and still can’t solve all the mysteries. More and more evidence indicates that mankind was created artificially, and is specially adapted for life on earth. The human body too much like a product of highly advanced genetic engineering. Officially, the theory of panspermia is not excluded from the list of probable.

Many researchers believe that all of our secrets could tell us the ocean, because, according to them, it was there once, long ago, were the first settlements of the creators of mankind. An advanced civilization able to conquer the stars and terraform planets and create intelligent life.

Rock paintings of ancient people, ancient Egyptian reliefs and the mysterious discoveries of under water indicate that during the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt, people faced with space rockets and beings dressed in space suits, but look like people. According to all these findings, a mysterious civilization was not only have visited Earth, but have developed the humanity. They taught our ancestors the Sciences and crafts. gave knowledge about stars and the universe. However, at some point they disappeared. Civilization became developed thanks to alien intervention, was destroyed by the efforts of internal and external enemies. The human species began to evolve independently. The fact that we have no one visits, does not mean that we are alone among the stars. We are not alone and that’s a fact.

Deep under the waters of the world ocean is something so beautiful and powerful that the secret world government and its organization for many years trying to bury all information about it. They control everything on this planet. Driving global information network, leading research organizations and governments, they direct our development and at the same time push away from proximity to the puzzles. History knows only one disastrous case, when a developed state led an active search for technologies of the past, remnants from the civilization that created us. This state was Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler was, quite literally, obsessed with raiders of the lost secrets. He believed that the technology that they will find, in the short term will not only win the war but to create a perfect race. Given that too many people have warned that under the waters of the oceans may be hiding the space ship with the genetic lab on Board. The one which was created by humanity. If so, then it becomes clear why Adolf Hitler wanted to find it. Having such a lab, he would have created a new race. Perfect in all respects, pure-blooded Aryan nation. Along the way, he would have created a pathogen that destroys all in whom there is no Nordic blood.

If all these researcher are right, in the hands of the secret world government for several decades, there is a force that can not only turn our lives into heaven, but to destroy all life in a few days. The force is so powerful that if its wrong it can get out of control.

Throughout the history of seafaring, sailors told the legend of the Kraken and mermaids. Legends about incredible underwater creatures that could swallow whole ships. Many sailors even today, I swear, anything claiming that she had personally observed the Kraken. Is it a coincidence? Perhaps after the departure of that mysterious civilization, the laboratory continued to work on the continuous improvement of living organisms in the ocean? Controlled artificial intelligence laboratory, has created isolated instances of intelligent monsters, and now ceased. What if the secret organizations and powerful financial elite has long found the treasure, but are forced to hide from the world, what power do they have?

Realizing the possibility of this, given the testimony of numerous eyewitnesses and ancient sources, we can confidently say that humanity is not free. We are all not only under the control of the secret sects, but also under the control of a very powerful alien artificial intelligence, devoid of all moral principles. The mind, which controls us through its puppets and directly controls our evolution? To find it, only if we’re allowed to do it themselves or talk about it. Perhaps the time has not yet come and our species is too far from what was intended by the Creator.

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