In Scotland, experts have found a mineral of extraterrestrial origin

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В Шотландии специалисты отыскали минерал внеземного происхождения

Recently, some scientists made a sensational statement, based on the findings found on Earth a mineral of unknown origin. It is truly interesting to the whole scientific world event. More about this you can find below.

Geologists from the UK, who went on an expedition to the island known as Skye, located in Scotland, was amazed at his own discovery, after all, the objects found during scanning of the surface and lava are of extraterrestrial origin, that is, in the pure form of such objects on our planet could not be found.

According to the statement of experts, on the island formed after the magma from earth’s interior to its surface, found a mineral, which is not in its pure form on our planet, except this present case. Modern equipment has allowed researchers to conduct a more detailed analysis.

They determined that in the anomalous piece of stone contains osbornite that are rich in niobium and vanadium. Before this element was found only on the comet «Wild 2», which came to us once. Scientists suggested that the activity of the volcano on the island could be triggered by meteorite fall.

They are now in search of proof of this theory, so everything is still ahead. But this discovery already raises many questions, because it is a unique mineral that scientists see for the first time on our planet. Where did he come from? The answer to this question is not yet known, but there is talk of an extraterrestrial origin. In any case, more about this will be known only later.

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