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Верный Ангел-хранитель

There are people who seem completely devoid of intuition; others, however, for the most part we live with a sixth sense. But there are those lucky people who’s guardian angel «plain text» says what to do in the most critical moments of life. Such «favorites» consider yourself a resident of the Belarusian city of Grodno Raisa Transfiguration .

Raya was born in Rostov-on-don, where her family and found Great Patriotic war. The house where she lived with her parents, the girl, was burned at the beginning of the war, and the victims received housing on the second floor flats.

The first warning of the guardian angel

In that difficult time, says Raisa, to buy anything in the store was difficult, and he and my mom spent a lot of time in search of food and fuel for «stove». Once in the square near the Park mother and daughter saw a long queue for something to eat. Women brought their children with them, so you can take more products. Paradise mom stood obediently in the tail of the queue.

Having stood for almost half, the girl suddenly felt need to leave here at once! At first she didn’t understand, who gives her such an order, but then it turned out that the voice sounds in Rainey the head and become more and more repeats: «Go away!»At first rarely, then more often.

The girl has a headache, she wanted to leave, but without a mother it was impossible. To turn to the mother of Heaven did not dare, fearing her confusion and anger. And the voice in my head is just screaming, and then the girl ran out of the queue and rushed away, knowing that the mother will follow.

The woman began to swear, all echoed her, blaming the girl for disobedience and whims of Paradise… And she ran farther, and angry mother chased her until then, until it became clear to the queue they will not return. Finally, moving the breath, the two went to the house.

A few minutes later was an air alert, and the mother and daughter hid in a basement somewhere. And when they followed it home, then learned that to turn on the square was hit by a bomb, leaving none alive.

Верный Ангел-хранитель

Raya didn’t dare to tell my mom about the voice that told her to flee, realizing that she simply does not believe. Mom was a Communist, at the time, was thrown out of my grandmother’s house all the icons and was not allowed into the Church anyone back home.

The second warning of the guardian angel

After a few days, when Heaven and mother were home again declared an air alert. We had to hurry to the basement, but on the stairs, she realized suddenly, that place you go, in her mind someone is persistently repeated: «no, no, No!»Paradise begged my mom not to go down to the shelter, and when she didn’t listen, beginning to drag her by force…

In the shelter, which was under their porch, ran many people caught on the street anxiety. For a time all was quiet, but then when RAE managed to get the mother away from the house, he heard the howling of the flying bombs and the roar, the earth quaked, desperate people cried out… a Bomb fell in the yard of their house, exploded, and again there was silence, but the basement began to fill with water. The bombs from dropping part of the house collapsed and the door to the shelter covered…

Верный Ангел-хранитель

Then Raya said firmly mom will not be to hide from the raids in the basement. Now, hearing the howling of a siren, she climbed under the bed and there waited out the danger.

True angel for life

Has lived a long life, Raisa tells of the Transfiguration, that all these years her securely guarded some unknown and powerful force. In situations which seemed no way out, the head of the woman heard the familiar voice gave a short command, and salvation came. Raisa admits that she does not know for what merits it was given this good defender…

…However, if we admit the existence of reincarnation, it is quite natural that in past incarnations we do something in this life, receive the loyal guardian angel or, conversely, the curse of heaven…

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