About the imminent end of the Sun

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О скором конце Солнца

The cult of the Sun was one of the first religions of mankind. Later came the cults of the moon, Fire, Spirits and the like. However, despite the presence of many deities and beliefs, in any polytheistic society, the cult of the Sun and its divinity were given special attention. And, in fact, this is not surprising. The Sun’s impact on people’s lives was clear even in those distant times, when our ancestors had not even learned to speak normally.

As a rule, in all these cults, the Sun was assigned the role of a source of heat and light, «moderately» life, and in General, the Creator of all that is beautiful. However, like any establishment of this type, in case of wrong actions of various «wards», it switched to actions diametrically opposed, and burned the Earth and the sinners, deprived of their light, and so on. This dualism was characteristic not of all the gods of the pantheons, he was awarded only the Supreme deity, which, in almost all the cults of the Earth, were the Sun-God.

Sometimes, in some religions, the Sun was played a little different role. It were some miraculous creation, often inanimate, however, possessing all the necessary properties (to give light and heat, and so on). And always in such religions were present the time of the theft of the Sun any negative creature like a demon or an evil God. Stories about the future release of the Sun and the punishment usually was a short course in moral foundations of the religion…

In fact, Christianity did not contribute anything new to the already well-proven system. If you look closely at its provisions, the traces of Sun Worship are found in all more or less important sources on which it is built.

Anyway, in any religion, cult or creed, consistently there are two terrible cars for people either mad Sun burning everything and everyone, or dying (or even vanishing) light, condemns people to death from the cold or lack of food. So was looking for any way to appease this powerful deity or his incarnation – from the victims and rituals to attempt to address the question of «other methods».

It is not surprising that this state of Affairs was already used by the priests of various cults. For a very very primitive peoples used such phenomena as a solar Eclipse. It seemed that if you don’t submit (or repent, or will bring tribute and the like), we’ll take you to the Sun! Many trusted. The fact that the so-called period of recurrence of eclipses, the Saros is 18 years, was known more or less developed civilizations for thousands of years before our era, does not affect the use of such blackmail.

More difficult was the game with the highs and lows of solar activity, repeated after an average of 7-11 years. He was noticed by the ancient Egyptians, however the scientific description of the phenomenon was only 250 years ago. Knowing the highs and lows of solar activity, and analyzing the weather for the past few years, it was possible to predict what will happen with yields in the near future. What is actually demonstrated the biblical Joseph, who explained Pharaoh’s dreams about cows and hunger. By understanding the cycle of Solar activity Joseph became the de facto ruler of Egypt!

But time passed, and the development of science has left no stone unturned in all the aura of mysticism that surrounded our star. It turned out that our Deity and source of life is just an ordinary star, located in the middle of its life. His activity, in fact, especially and does not change, as shown by geological analysis of sedimentary rocks of the Earth. And the source of its light and heat is not some divine essence, but only the balance of two forces: the gravitational compression and the allocation of thermal energy from nuclear reactions. All divine and occult theory, built around the Sun, broke on the phrase «there is nothing easier stars» of the founder of astrophysics Eddington. That, however, had no effect on the speculations related to the role of the Sun in the imminent end of mankind. On the contrary, a large amount of emerging data have led to an even greater number of different doomsday scenarios in which somehow it is involved.

After appeared the first specialized telescopes and the first pictures of prominences – huge emissions from the Sun’s interior was in print, he started a real hysteria. What if it reaches us? But the most funny is that the existence of prominences astronomers had known since the XII century, but only in the twentieth century it drew the attention of the «General public».

However, the peak of the sensations and assumptions associated with the Sun, began with the advent of the first artificial satellites. Inhabiting near-earth space, humanity was faced with some unpleasant features of our star. In particular, it was found that in periods of high activity the Sun’s energy can have serious effects on a spacecraft orbiting Earth, until they fail. This has forced manufacturers of spaceships to pay more attention to radiation protection equipment and astronauts.

Studies over the last thirty years has shown that no major changes threat to humanity, the Sun in the near future is not expected. The evolution of stars like our Sun moves at a snail’s pace, and the loss of its mass through thermonuclear reactions are so insignificant that will preserve its luminosity at the required level for at least another 2.5 billion years. No external reasons to influence the «operability» of the Sun (be it some stars, moons, planets or clouds of gas) around us are not; if they had, they would have long discovered.

And yet, still, the media often are full of headlines like «the Sun cracked!»or, «the Sun pulls a giant black hole.» Sensation-seeking journalists (and readers, of course) to interpret any of what is happening with our sun phenomenon, which is published by astrophysicists as harbingers of the imminent end of the world. And that’s fine because it is fully consistent with our psychology. We would not we, if we would live without the constant sense of danger…

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