What broadcast runes of the druids…

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О чём вещали руны друидов…

One of the most mysterious and mythical tribes, about which many legends and that no one ever saw the druids.

The most plausible description of this people is found among the ancient Celts. According to them, the druids were priests, magicians, healers, counselors, leaders. They were engaged in medicine, astronomy, performed ritual ceremonies. It was a noble caste. For advice always go to him. Scientists suggest that the druids could share experiences and knowledge with the ancient Slavic tribes.

Only the druids, according to legend, people could know the future. They did it with runes. Originally runes were the written symbols of the Germanic peoples.

According to the tradition of the Scandinavians to get the runes, the God Odin sacrificed himself, secured himself with a spear to a tree in the left eye. This tree is called «Tree of life» (ash). While One was nailed to a tree, then broke three large and six small branches. Branches fell around him on the bloodied ground, fold in unprecedented curlicue. It is here that God is One and saw this pattern all 24 runes.

Prior to the adoption of Christianity, ancient Slavic tribes also used the runic alphabet for their writing. Druids, however, draw each rune on pebbles or pieces of bark and used runes not only in writing but also in many magic rites. As in ancient times, and now the wizards are specific to each rune as generator of energy, with its «I».

In modern numerology there are different sets of runes, but most of it is option of 24 or 25 items. They are traditionally made of stone, or a specific species of tree that also has an effect on the outcome of divination. It is believed that the strength of the magical influence of the runes gives you the opportunity to use all sorts of beams of energy emanating from the five cosmic spheres. In order to obtain this energy, it is important to take true to the original posture and turn your thoughts to «absorb» these rays of energy. This occurs under the action of specific sounds, the druids called them «gold» («the magic song»).

A rebirth runes survived in the late 19th century. At this time, the German occultist by the name of von list began to study the runes aren’t like the alphabet, and as magic symbols. He turned out to be the meaning of their magical effects. Thanks to the popularity of the background Sheet, divination on the runes quickly spread around Europe and was considered one of the most credible ways to know your future.

Runes and was used in a negative way. In particular, the Nazis portrayed them as symbols of different order or form. A lot of rumors about the attitude of Adolf Hitler to such mystical subjects and faith in them.

According to the canons, the man who decided to do a divination on the runes, should make for himself a set of runes from close to him in spirit material (stone, wood). After making runes, you need to consecrate a special ceremony, and after that store in a pouch, sewn by the owner of the natural material. To pass the runes that nobody can, they should have only one owner. Refer to the set of runes is with reverence, to greet and to say goodbye to them each time to «Wake» them a certain way. From the relationship of the owner to their runes will depend on the accuracy with which they predict the future.

The process of divination on the runes hardly changed after hundreds of years. It is important to choose the correct time and date positively influencing the outcome of divination. For this you need to take a bag with a personal set of runes. Renouncing worldly thoughts and deeds, you should ask one question which interests the most. Further light on a blank canvas need to lay out one of three runes. To think of and treat respectfully the runes you need. The position of each rune that fell upside down, changes its meaning to the opposite. Two adjacent runes affect the value of each other. If the answer is not satisfied with guessing, it is not necessary to repeat. It is likely that, if the runes aren’t given the answer, so it should be.

In addition to the runes of the druids existed divination, very similar to runic: 9 the same twigs (sticks), stained in the blood of animals sacrificed. After that, the druid scattered them on a white cloth and tried to deal with the resulting pattern. This pattern served as the answer to the druid’s question.

Work with the runes is not limited to predicting the future. According to the canons, the druids, believed that the runes can affect the fate, to give the character certain characteristics, to protect him. Protection runes painted on clothes by using embroidery, was worn as a pendant around the neck. The newborn as a gift can present is made of wood amulet with the image of runes of strength).

In addition to the ability to predict the future, it is believed that runes have medicinal properties that heal body and soul, soothe and lend physical and moral strength. Divination on the runes is only a small part of the arcane knowledge, which is fully owned by the ancient druids, which have come down to us.

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