The most famous attacks of the Yeti people in North America

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The creatures we call Bigfoot, Yeti, or Bigfoot, is often described as quite peaceful that supposedly don’t want people hindered them to live in their forests. But for the last one hundred years has accumulated a lot of cases when Yeti with cruelty to attack people and even kill them. These mysterious hairy giants are not good-natured, as it may seem.

Case in Monkey canyon

Probably the most famous case of a Bigfoot attack on a person occurred in the summer of 1924. Five miners, Marion Smith, his son Roy Smith, Fred Beck, Gabe LeFever and John Peterson went to work at mount St. Helens, in the district of Skamania Washington state.

Those miners

Самые известные случаи нападения йети на людей в Северной Америке

People were near his camp 8 miles from the lake Spirit, when faced with the first mystery. They saw on the ground the prints of unusually large footprints, similar to human, but with a length of 14 inches (35 cm) and with very short fingers.

Soon after, people noticed some large creature, flitting behind the trees and chasing people walking on the heels. Growth it was 7 feet (2 meters), and in appearance resembled a gorilla but with long black hair and very large, vertically protruding ears (by the way, this is not a typical detail in the description of the Yeti).

At the sight of this kind of dangerous animal the miners very nervous and finally one of them Marion Smith broke down and fired a gun into the trees, which hid the creature. He wanted to scare him, but being not backward.

The next morning, July 10, Fred Beck saw the creature standing near the edge of a very deep cliff and decided to shoot directly into it. After being shot fell straight down into the canyon from the height 400 ft (121 meter) and obviously died.

But in the evening came the reckoning. Sitting in his cabin at the camp, the men heard a loud thud on the roof of the building and then part of their huts were damaged. But it was only the beginning, soon followed by new shocks, it was flying with great speed stones. They damaged the roof and window of the building and got into the Beck, but lost consciousness.

Самые известные случаи нападения йети на людей в Северной Америке

Later, the miners were told that their camp is attacked dozens of hairy creatures. Sam Beck was very scared and said he tried to shoot at these monsters, twisting in all directions. The battle with the hairy creatures, which the miners called «mountain devils», lasted all night and ended with the defeat of the people. The miners just flight left his camp, leaving all property, supplies, and tools.

This story quickly spread throughout the County and the Indians began to say that the miners are faced with the so-called wild tribe Xiahtic (Seeahtik). It is believed that these wild creatures have supernatural powers and that they are usually peaceful. But then they apparently took revenge for the death of their tribesman. The place where happened the massacre , called «Monkey canyon» (Ape Canyon).

Monkey canyon

Самые известные случаи нападения йети на людей в Северной Америке

Later, the story repeatedly processed storytellers and authors of different books, it added new items, and the size of the creatures and the fury of their attacks increased. But it still remains not only one of the earliest cases of encounters with Bigfoot/Bigfoot in North America but also one of the most striking cases of encounters with Bigfoot at all.

More mysteries to this case, said mysterious disappearance of the climber Jimmy Carter in 1950, just at Monkey canyon. He was part of a group of 20 people, it was a warm and Sunny day, and his disappearance was sudden and mysterious. It was later discovered tracks like people quickly ran and tried to find shelter in the crevices.

Canyon carefully searched more than seventy people in two weeks and found nothing, no remains, no other traces of Carter. One of the members of the search team Bob Lee told me that during the period of searching he felt someone staring looks from the woodlands.

«It was my worst experience of all time, told Bob years later in an interview — There was something strange on the slopes of those mountains and that the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I had no weapons except ax and believe me, I never let it go. The disappearance of Jimmy Carter is still a mystery. Dr. Otto Trott, Lee stark and I believe that he was captured by mountain devils».

Next Bob Lee revealed that he found out that for 20 years in the APE canyon was noted as many as 25 cases a meeting with the «mountain devils», some including had an aggressive nature. For example, APE-like creature once terrorized the boy scouts troop.

Monster from the swamps Okefenokee

Case Bigfoot attacks on people in the APE canyon is the most famous but not the oldest in North America. In 1829 9 February, several Newspapers, including The Statesman and Connecticut Sentinel wrote about the attack of the giant hairy people Okefenoke in the swamp (Okefenokee) in the state of Georgia.

Самые известные случаи нападения йети на людей в Северной Америке

The story began after the two men and the boy went to explore the swamp, but noticed large footprints and then decided to return home, fearful of what he saw. Later, hearing about the huge footprints, many hunters decided to find a mysterious creature. They found the conductor and a group of hunters went in search of the creature deep into the swamp. First, they found large humanlike footprints, and then tracked down and the creature itself.

However, the monster decided without a fight, not to surrender and apparently at first they wanted to capture alive, but after he attacked and killed five (!) hunters, he himself also quickly killed, «shot from seven rifles». The carcass was examined and measured, the creature was the huge growth of 13 feet (almost 4 meters) and from head to toe was covered with rough hair.

But after that, the surviving hunters as quickly as possible left the swamps, leaving the battle and the bodies of dead comrades and the carcass of a monster. People were afraid that his action would be giving in to the evil forces and bring disaster on himself.

If it was all exactly as described or there is a lot of exaggeration or this is all fiction, is unknown. But the local Indians regularly watched and watch in these marshes the mysterious APE-like creatures.

Terror in the woods

Another early attack of the Yeti people recorded in 1895. The Call from San Francisco with the release of November 27 published an article called «Terror in the woods». In the article it was stated that in the local woods mysteriously disappeared a few loggers. The bodies of some were later found, but they looked as if they were cruelly tormented by strong animal.

It was believed that the people attacked by wild beasts, and loggers began to fear to leave the place of work. But one of the loggers managed to survive the attack on him and said that he was attacked by a «wild man». With itself the man had only his axe and that’s exactly what he managed to fend off the monster who was attacking as if she were going to kill a man.

After that, a strange humanoid creature seen in the woods, but every time he managed to get away from people and ran a creature with the speed of a deer. The creature was described as a man, who looked almost like an animal, he had a big bushy beard and he was dressed in something similar to leather coats.

After some debate it was agreed that it was a feral man, who once lost in the woods and then went crazy. That this creature was later, remained unknown.

Assault in Montana

Another case was published in 1892 book the Wilderness Hunter, which was written by none other than future U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. The case describes a meeting with some migrant Bauman, who spoke about the case with him and his partner.

Men pitched camp somewhere in the wilds of the state of Montana near the river and went to set traps for animals. When they returned, they saw that their tent is broken, and the bags torn open and their contents scattered around. But instead to get out of this place, Baumann and his friend decided to stay here for the night.

Night Bauman was awakened by a strange sound, like a grinding brush, and a strong unbearable stench. Baumann grabbed a rifle and fired almost at random into the darkness at the sound, and then a creature quickly ran away from the camp.

The next morning it was decided to get out of this place away, but first Bamon decided to go to the forest to collect previously placed traps. When he returned, he found his friend dead with a creepy unscrewed the neck. The neck also bore the marks of the bites.

Hairy hand

Another case happened in 1965 in the state of Michigan, County of Monroe. 17-year-old Christine van Acker was driving home with my mother. It was late evening, dark and suddenly there was a roar, as if their car something moved. Thinking that they had crushed an animal, women stopped the car and wanted to get out of it and see.

But as soon as Christina lowered the side window, it stretches a huge hairy hand, grabbed the girl by the hair and kicked on the door of the car, so Christina lost consciousness. She woke up from the loud screams of his mother, who screamed in fright, but the creature was gone, maybe the screams scared him off.

The girl’s mother claimed that the escaped creature was all covered with black hair.

Самые известные случаи нападения йети на людей в Северной Америке

The attack on the farm

This case is relatively recent. It happened in Oklahoma in a rural area in 2000. Story was told to a witness who reported only his name is Mike. He said he owned a farm in the area, but a few months later after he bought a farm and moved here with his family, then started to happen strange things.

One night Mike heard the sound of strong claps from the front door, and later near the house noticed a glimpse of the figure is very tall. After that about 30 chickens had suddenly disappeared from the chicken coop and the barn door broke open with the force and took out the pieces of venison.

In addition to all that, Mike heard a strange loud shrieks and cries from the forest near the farm, and always only at night. In order to catch a thief, Mike called for help his brother and together they held the duty a few nights. One night they caught the creature by surprise and was able to see his hairy APE-like face.

The creature growled at them and after that, the brothers shot him from guns. Then they saw that the creature ran, but then fell to the ground dead. But they did not check it and come to the fallen.

Next morning they waited for what happened in the Monkey Canyon. Home farmer Mike was raided, broken glass stones and mills also damaged large stones. All of this did the other hairy creatures, and Mike says that they eerie howling. After that, Mike and his family moved to another place.

  • Observation of Bigfoot and UFOs in Wisconsin near an Indian reservation in 1978
  • In Canada videotaped the huge Bigfoot in the woods
  • On YouTube, there are commercials with supposedly frozen body parts Bigfoot
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