The abnormal area of the Stavropol territory

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Portals to parallel worlds, glowing «orbs of prana», underwater monsters and drowned. Yes, not only wheat rich land in Stavropol. There are in our area and the kids to scare, Yes, worse than the Boogeyman. The places of those a great many, but today I will talk about only two anomalous natural objects, but to accept on faith what You read, You decide.

Relict lake — a door to a parallel world

Near Stavropol in the middle of scenic views, lies a lake that will captivate travelers with their primeval beauty. But in addition to the luxurious landscape, pond, this place is crawling with scary tales. I’m talking about the lake Kravtsovo is the only relict lake-swamp in the Stavropol region.

According to scientists, Kravtsovo was formed 10 thousand years ago, and centuries-old peat deposits affect the appearance of the lake second floor, beneath which beat the cold springs.

Аномальные места Ставропольского края

— Peat is the residue of organic life, in other words, the bottom of the lake is more reminiscent of a cemetery – says local historian and analog Vasily Gaatw, respectively, there is a completely different energy. And, most likely, in this pond even a possible meeting with a parallel world.

The rumor was spread by a many legends about Kravtsovo, and even one worse than the other. There was even talk that at the bottom there is a huge clam, prefer Sunday dinner a couple of unlucky swimmers. But since no one has ever seen the legend about it is constantly changing. Carnivorous mollusk is easily converted into toothy fish.

However, is there really fish a clam or not – it tenth. Much worse than it used to be, before swimming in the treacherous lake banned, every summer Kravtsovo collected a dreadful tribute to the people of pond nicknamed the «graveyard of drowned men».

Аномальные места Ставропольского края

There is speculation that the reason the aquatic plants that allure a person with their shoots and slowly but surely strangled.

This hypothesis was confirmed by the candidate of biological Sciences the Faith.:

In our lake sea grass Zostera. It poses a great threat to divers, as it is very easy to get confused. More insidious Rdest curly. It can reach lengths up to two meters.

By bottom teeming with various aquatic plants, Kravtsovo you can try to compare with the Sargasso sea. And it is especially dangerous to dive under floating Islands. In addition to the insidious Zoster and Radistov curly, there are springs. By the way, before the pond was drifting in just one island, but recently it broke into 4 pieces.

— Floating Islands are composed of peat floated to the surface due to gas bubbles. Birds bring him the spores of plants and seeds, after which the soil layer occurs – explains Vera Danilevich, then the plants sprout through the soil and peat, and the roots cling to the bottom. But when a particularly strong wind, or dead plants lose their root base, the island begins to drift.

Stories about the anomaly of this place is not just the stories of local gossip. Geopathogenical adjacent to the pond site, confirmed by Vasily Gaatw, armed with a frame for determining the magnetic grid Hartman. Interestingly, our planet is lined with invisible lines of energy flow.

Along the coast frame our expert froze, although the norm must rotate as flugel. However, he had to move away from the water as she once again began to move.

— All this because of the peat deposits! – says Vasily Gazov, I knew that the whole thing is in it!

Аномальные места Ставропольского края

Snezhana Shkerina, head of the Stavropol group of stalkers, too, have experienced the anomalous character of this mysterious place:

We came here last year, broke on the shore of the camp and wanted to stay the night. However, the locals are all as one, began to dissuade us under the pretext that people disappear out here. We especially remember one fisherman. He went, and behind him was literally fog. Soon the fog became so dense that we no longer saw the faces of each other. Of course, we got scared and folded the tent and gone.

Mysterious groans and cries are heard in the «Cold springs»

Another mysterious place Stavropol – memorial «Cold spring». As told by local historian and writer Herman Belikov, before the revolution, the forested slopes, with the batter at the bottom of the springs were far outside the city limits.

And during the civil war became a place of massacres of red over white. People are not just shot, cut out the eyes or cut off the head, and really loved were still alive to flay. Then the body just dropped to the bottom of the ravines. And in the years of the great Patriotic war, when Stavropol was occupied by the Germans, the Cold springs were a mass grave of local Jews.

Of course, soon the Stavropol rumors about the mysterious moaning and crying, forcing your hair to stand on end. But Vasily Gaatw in ghosts refuses to believe, but agrees that the energy in the springs district is very poor.

Here in many places the frame just doesn’t work that definitely indicates a magnetic anomaly. Although sometimes the frame begins to rotate in a circle! And it speaks about the transition from one energy space (negative) in the other. Most likely, this is due to the huge number of deaths that occurred in the area. Because strong emotions experienced by the person before death, can be released in the form of some energy, incorporeal entity, able to live your intangible life. It is possible that here even get to take pictures of «orbs of prana».

Prana is the totality of all energies existing in the universe. And «balls of prana» — energy clusters with the mind.

Cold springs in Stavropol are considered as one of the mysterious places

Аномальные места Ставропольского края

There is a theory that the souls of the dead, but it’s not. Rather, it is simply dense energy accumulations – adds the historian — they happen a lot especially where he manifested human emotions, both positive and negative.

«Pranaballs» it is impossible to see without a camera, and in the pictures they look like a whitish or bluish staining with jagged edges, and resemble defect «stained lens».

«Pranaballs» has not got the pictures from the memorial «Cold spring», but was on one of the photos taken during my adventures with the guys – stalkers. In this photo Snezhana Shkerina and Nicole Zvyagintsev is photographed opposite an abandoned hospital.

Аномальные места Ставропольского края

Yes, it is «balls of prana» is! – agrees Vasily Gaatw, looking at a strange photo. – I wonder what they have lined up, I think it also has a certain value. That’s just what?

If you rely on the words of Vasily Leonidovich, it turns out that the abandoned objects of these «balls of prana» should be visible-invisible. Imagine how much adrenaline one experiences in such places!

Well, perhaps that’s enough scary tales for today. But believe me, there are many abnormal places in the Stavropol region and about them I will tell you later.

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