The night crawler

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Says a resident of the state of new Mexico:

«I recently watched the TV show «Monsters and mysteries of America» (‘Monsters and Mysteries in America’) and there was an episode called «Night Stalker, Skin Walker». When you started telling me about a girl terrorized by Night Stalker («the night Stalker» or «the night crawler»), I remembered about the terrible incident that happened with me and my brother Chris last winter.

We then worked the road Navajo Dam and was engaged in felling trees. When we’re done with the trees at the bottom of the canyon, we went to the hill in search of dead trees. Also with us was my son and the dog. When we found on the slope and some trees, it was late afternoon and it was cooler. My son and dog were playing with each other, and my brother started to mark the trees for felling.

Крадущийся в ночи

When we almost done, my boy came running to us and said that he and the dog found near some animal tracks. I gathered firewood and on the way to our truck decided to look at these traces. The footprints were on the sand and looked as if the creature had very long claws. They were in the same direction up the hill, where we went in search of trees.

In that moment, when I looked at the traces, I realized that for some time do not hear the sound of a chainsaw, which worked for my brother, and then I heard him scream and then a loud shot from a shotgun, which he had with him. But I don’t even have time to react, as I saw on top of me, my brother Chris, who yelled to me «drop the firewood and run!».

Skin Walker is a creature from the legends of the Navajo Indians. Something like a sorcerer-shapeshifter.

At this time, our dog began to bark loudly and growl, and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. I grabbed my son and the dog and managed to throw the firewood in the truck before we got in the car and rushed from that place. My brother didn’t say anything until we were on the main road, almost reaching to the city of Aztec.

Крадущийся в ночи

Then he told the story. He sawed the trees, until he felt that he’d been staring. For some reason he decided that I, his brother, decided to play a trick on him and he came down from the tree and decided to find me, to catch me off guard. He didn’t know that I have descended down the hill and instead he went to the top of the hill. From the top, he finally saw that we were standing near our truck, and then noticed beside him a glimpse of a large shadow.

He always carried a gun because who knows what dangerous animals can be found here, and at first he made one warning shot into the air. And then made another shot at the creature, which he could only name the word «is» and which was hidden in the bushes. He was so scared at that moment what I saw that later flatly refused to go for firewood in these places.

I’m a skeptic and then I thought my brother was just trying to scare me. But then I remembered those footprints in the sand with long claws and like my dog was scared and his brother looked frightened, though usually nothing that can scare us to this state.

When my brother tried to describe the appearance of this creature, he said that it was very high, not less than 7 feet (2 meters) and he had a hairy body, and his face was like the face of a wolf.»

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