In the Rostov Park-Museum filmed a Ghost?

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VK group «Park-Museum «PARAMONY». Rostov» 18 Dec unusual picture posted by Alexander Surkovym. Alexander spent the previous day specialized tour Paramonov warehouses for a group of Rostov. The tour was long and people went to dark.

When Alexander several small groups brought people into the underground ventilation gallery, something strange happened:

«In the beam of a powerful flashlight stone-brick walls were particularly expressive. And, suddenly, in a few moments, as if out of nowhere, in the distance, about halfway down the stroke occurred the figure of a man in black with very little head, who was standing with his back to us and did not move. He stood there, where I just shined and it was empty. Beside me was a woman afraid of was indecent, but the treacherous chill ran down his back».

В Ростовском парке-музее засняли призрака?

While by there passed all of the group «man» was in the passage in one position without moving and the tourists took the photo. Refining the shape more similar to human, but what was it really? Drying myself only surprised, writing at the end of his message «Oh, hell no!».

В Ростовском парке-музее засняли призрака?

«Paramonov’s warehouses» is the complex storage facilities XIX century in Rostov-on-don. Located on the banks of the don, between Sokolova Avenue and University lane. In 1985 Paramonov warehouses was granted the status of monument of history and culture of local value. A little later, the historic building received the status of a monument of Federal significance.

В Ростовском парке-музее засняли призрака?

В Ростовском парке-музее засняли призрака?

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