They persuade children to go with them

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If you perform a lot of messages from victims of alien abductions, it is possible to notice that usually the aliens don’t stand on ceremony with the victims. If they need an adult or a child, they are without any warnings kidnap him, picking up the night with its rays out of bed and carrying on your ship.

But there is a category of messages that appear entreaties to «go with them» and if the person does not agree, the aliens leave it alone. Such messages are much smaller than the standard stories about enforced disappearances and, curiously, they are found only in collections of Russian researchers. Western ufologists such stories virtually no. Could be «our» aliens a bit more humane. than American? Or the fact that residents of Russia abducted by aliens of another species?

Они уговаривают детей полететь с ними

In the books of researchers of anomalous phenomena Alexei prima you can find a few stories of eyewitnesses, when the aliens tried to persuade adults or children to go with them. Let us examine the cases with children as they seem to be the most disturbing.

In the summer of 1994, received a message from Volgograd from the parents of a 10-year-old Irina Petrova and detailed story from her. The girl’s parents were horrified by what was happening. To the Ira, according to her, stuck an alien, similar to the tall shadow. Then her classmates and friends began to say that and they also stated the Venezuelan and questioned them about the Ira…

«Last year in the winter, — said Irina Petrova, my cousin Cindy was walking down the street. We returned home from school. Anastasia screamed: «Look!»I looked at where she was pointing. Behind us hung over the street, a huge white ball. We got scared and ran away from him. That’s all.

A week later, I was walking along the same street. Suddenly before me appeared a tall shadow. She said, «I Want to fly with us?»I was scared, wept, and said, «No. Not want.» The shadow disappeared.

Another week passed. And here is my classmate Anya says to me, «you’re being hunted by the Martians. At night they came to me. Faces they — like aliens from a science fiction cartoon. I asked: «Who are you?»And they said, «We don’t need you, Ira». And I saw your face hanging in the air.»

Then the Martians arrived too night, another boy from our class. He told me that they were talking squeaky voices: «the Ira… Ira… We need Irina Petrova. Where is she now?»The boy replied, that I am now at home and sleeping. And they did not seem to hear him. Continued to chant: «the Ira… Ira… Where is she?»

The stories of my classmates scared me. I understood them so that the Martians are hunting for me, personally, but for some reason can not catch».

Another case concerns a 10-year-old Inna, daughter Albina Fedchenko from Tiraspol. Once the woman normally came home from work in October 1990 and found his ten year old daughter Inna in very serious condition. The girl was deathly pale, felt bad.

— I was going to go to school, she said. — Put books and notebooks in the briefcase. Suddenly had a headache and I was sick. The body suddenly stiffened, both hands stretched forward, and I walked unwittingly to the balcony.

On the balcony the girl was waiting for two beings of tremendous growth. One humanoid was in a green jumpsuit, and the other yellowish-white. Their heads resembled a pear tail down. Instead mouths could be seen in the «pear» strips in the form of narrow slits.

Don’t be afraid, ‘ said the humanoid in a green suit, taking the girl by the hand. — We are your friends. We profit for you. We will do you good. Better than here… Flew with us.

— Not want! — Inna began to cry and snatched her hand away from the broad palm of the alien.

— Dont want — want another time. We will come back to you.

— I don’t wanna! — cried the girl. — Depart. Mother!.. Mammy!..

And humanoids disappeared.

And at the end of November once again visited one of them. Inna sat at the table, preparing lessons. Casually glancing to the right, saw that her shoulder stands are one of those humanoids. From the costume details especially memorable, she said, «a glowing circle on the right side of the chest the size of a saucer».

The creature said:

— And here I am. Hi! Flew to us.

— No! No! Will not fly.

— Please fly.

— Leave here. I’m afraid of you. Depart!

Mother Inna, returning after a couple of hours home from work, again found the daughter in a condition similar to severe shock. The girl was so bad that Albina Fedchenko called an ambulance. The doctors, however, nothing could help the child. Headache and General weakness were themselves only at the end of the next day.

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