The city has recorded just four UFO (video)

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The city has recorded just four UFOs. Over a small American town of Andover (Massachusetts) for the night and recorded four UFO, like a flickering pink lights. According to the operator, filmed a strange phenomenon in the video, he kept watching the area for about 10 years, however, before never seen anything like it.

Над городом зафиксировали сразу четыре НЛО (видео)

The 36-second clip, uploaded by the user RealUFOs2009, accompanied by commentary on the author, whose real name is unknown.

«I left work at approximately 5:54 PM and looked in the direction of the river. The darkness thickened, but the sky was clear and you could see the stars. Suddenly, I noticed that the sky from North to South or South-East moving four points, gradually gaining height,» wrote a witness.

«The lights were very strange, after 75-90 seconds it disappeared over the horizon,» added the author of the video. YouTube commentators argue that it was, however, a point of view, they are not here yet.

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