In formal English the sky flying string of UFOs

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Five mysterious unidentified flying objects flying in line evening sky over the English city Basingstoke, forcing the inhabitants of the County of Hampshire to fear the invasion of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

В вечернем английском небе пролетела вереница НЛО

The following video, which shows these amazing glowing UFO was made by the individual, who wished to remain anonymous. The man sent the material in the famous American UFO organization «MUFON» and wrote the following professionals:

I and my colleague went in the evening to fresh air, to take some documents from the van to the car, and suddenly… noticed these lights flying slowly over the buildings of Basingstoke. First came one, then another, and another… All of them were five. It was just amazing. Visibility due to fog was not the best, so we decided to climb another roof, in order to get a better look at these mysterious lights from it. However, when we got there, the fireballs had already disappeared from the sky. Well, we managed to capture them on my camera phone from the ground. We watched them for about 30 minutes and I recorded about 4 minutes of video.

The witnesses are convinced that it could not be helicopters, weather balloons, Chinese lanterns or drones. Ufologists, thoroughly studied the movie, came to the same conclusion. They note that in recent years, Basingstoke has become a real Mecca for people interested in «flying saucers» and «little green men». Unidentified objects over the city here today notice at least weekly. Than simple English settlement attracts UFO, hard to say, but there is no doubt that here there is something very important for aliens. That’s just — what?..

Video: In the evening the English sky flying string of UFOs

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