Mysterious natural phenomenon called wild fire or air

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Falling from the sky the fire is not only lightning, meteorites, or Napalm. In the archives of meteorologists contains data about rare phenomena with equally devastating potential.

Panic in the countryside

«Summer sky like ripped in two. In the middle of the fields there were enormous pillar of fire. Swaying dangerously, he with a roar and a hiss rushed through the valley, destroying everything in its path. Trees, substitution of firestorm, in a split second turned into a black outline on a bright red background to the next moment to disintegrate into dust. Even a small river couldn’t stop the terrible phenomenon. The tornado took her, leaving behind a parched riverbed. He raced to the village, growing with each second. The peasants fell to their knees, begging the heavens for mercy. And the miracle happened. Short two hundred meters to the first houses, the roaring firestorm dissipated. In the air hovered the red-hot sparks rained down ash, but the danger had passed. Shocked residents saw the scorched strip, cut of the valley…»

Загадочное природное явление под названием дикий или воздушный огонь

A phenomenon colorfully described by the reporter, occurred on 7 July 1913 in Spain, near the town of Alcazar. The diameter of the pillar of fire, almost burned down the village Picassent up to 100 meters, and left a scorched line stretched for three kilometers.

«Panic in the countryside were terrible. All the residents were screaming, fire bells rang out to warn of the danger, ran to death frightened women and children,» reported the next day Newspapers.

The destruction and fires

Much less fortunate Spanish village Lechon in the southern province of Zaragoza. On 5 July 1945, pillar of fire twice touched the ground near the houses, causing destruction and fires.

— A rotating column fell to the ground with a terrible roar like the explosion of a giant bomb, — told the head of the village. — The flames shot up more than 30 meters. Then the post went up, hitting the edge. The roar was indescribable. Flames and black smoke enveloped the entire village. On fire the roof, the walls cracked. Men, women and children fled, screaming in terror.

Employees of a nearby meteorological station observed the disaster, but are unable to explain what happened.

That same summer, near Almeria {a city in Andalusia) from the sky was raining fire, burning houses and the clothes of the witnesses. The phenomenon was repeated several times. Scholars in Almeria, convinced of his reality: fire from the sky burned the set in the box with meteorological instruments.

Someone suggested that the earth is uranium ore or an unknown mineral that contribute to the appearance of the flame. Speculators bought more than a thousand sites in the vicinity of Almeria, but the «land fever» ended in disappointment: in the depths there was nothing of value.

Загадочное природное явление под названием дикий или воздушный огонь

Black cloud

September 6, 1980, the pillar of fire passed near the city of Torrejoncillo (cáceres, Spain), burning everything in its path. Local resident Benito Salgado saw rabbits trying to escape from the flames. The rabbits dropped dead and charred. Then, the post was split in two and went around the farm Benito on both sides.

The house caught fire, but the heat was such that the plastic items were melted and drained on the floor, and glass bottles have lost form. Barbed wire turned into drops of molten metal. Benito was found dead, while his body had burns.

Francisco Mejias from La Rinconada (Sevilla province) have seen the moment of formation of the pillar of fire.

— I heard a strange noise — he said to journalists. — Out on the street, I found myself in a black cloud, felt unwell and fell to the ground. Hat ripped off my head by a gust of wind. A cloud of dust gathered in the black column, oddly enough, is tilted to the side blowing at the time of the strong wind. And then the column is ignited. From my house there was only a base, the furniture was completely burnt. Olive trees around the cabin were charred.

Electric tornado

The story of Mejias led scientists to the idea that the pillar of fire — a tornado in which accumulates excess electricity. Instead of placing the zipper, it concentrates the charge, and is covered with the plasma. Inside the pole can burn even the air is split into oxygen and hydrogen.

This hypothesis explains why the destruction is not affected by the flame people. Metal objects in their pockets melt, although fabric clothing is not burns on the bodies and no burns. Monstrous magnetic field near the pole induces currents in metals and melt them with such speed that the clothes did not have time to burn.

Загадочное природное явление под названием дикий или воздушный огонь

32 Indian

Pillars of fire, people were observed many centuries ago. Ancient Greek scientists call them «the Prester». Mention of them can be found in the writings of Aristotle, Pliny the Elder, Seneca, and Heraclitus. Pliny the Elder cites this description: «When the whirlwind ablaze, storming flame, it is called «Prester». He rocks and overturns everything what touches».

Published in 1640, the book «a Pleasant walk through the garden of contemplation of nature» reports that sometimes «the tornado, once in the cloud, illuminates and flies, like a huge cartwheel, bringing all the horror and burning everything that can burn at home, forests, bread, grass.»

Spanish scientists hypothesis explains the nature not all species of volatile fire. Rain of flame that struck in the summer of 1945 at Almeria began in Sunny weather with no noticeable wind. 30 people suffered burns, but this time there were no deaths. Like a rain of fire that fell in the summer of 1910 to the South of Saskatchewan (Canada), killed 32 of the Indian tribe, the Cree and burned the earth to a considerable depth. Only one survived the Indian, who threw himself in a river and held under water until it’s all over.

The Horrors Of Europe

Another kind of mysterious natural phenomena mentioned in ancient Chronicles under the name «wild (or air) fire.» It is there about exuding the heat of the fiery cloud in the sky. The ancient author wrote that if it will fall, will die, and cattle and crops. Touch the clouds incinerates even that usually does not burn.

«In 823 year was the miracles, wrote the chronicler Ademar Sabanski. — In Saxony, in the area Perissi 23 villages were burned by fire from heaven along with people and cattle. Within 12 days the ash was falling in the afternoon with clean sky». July 1 939 year «fire, having come from the sea» burned a number of towns on the coast of Spain.

In the «Chronicle of Compostella» (written in Latin essay on the history of Spain) provides a long list of the scorched settlements.

In the year 992, the fire flying from the Rhine, burned many towns and villages in Germany.

Загадочное природное явление под названием дикий или воздушный огонь

The chronicler Florence of Worcester reports that in 1048 «inconceivable wild fire killed many people and livestock throughout England. Burning in the air, the fire burned the city, and ripe wheat on the fields». In 1067 it was the same. Flying fire set fire to woods and fields, appearing above the County of Northumberland for the past two seasons.

In Russia the fiery cloud was also well known. «Solikamsk chronicle» is mentioned twice about their appearance over the city. 17 Aug 1698 «fiery cloud from which rained ashes with sparks» safely passed through Solikamsk.

In 1705 a burning cloud, not touching the city, burned the distant neighborhood: «a few days later came the peasants with Obvy and Envy, tells that a fiery cloud of burnt not only their houses and forests, but even the grass, the cattle and the beasts in the forest.»

13 Aug 1874 about 11 o’clock in the evening over the American town of Pascagoula appeared «luminous electric cloud» and flew over the edge, exuding a high fever. The townspeople are terrified of the expected is about to break out of their house and they also burn. However, a monstrous «cloud» in length half a mile peacefully departed. The strength of its glow was such that it was clearly evident the ship anchored far out to sea.

The recent appearance of «wild fire» just above the ground occurred on 15 June 1960 over lake Whitney in Texas. They generated a wave of heat blew up radiators in cars and triggered the fire alarm in the town Kopperl. All the fields in the area were blackened, plants turned into ashes.

The fire in the atmosphere

«Wild fire» — a phenomenon even more rare than pillars of fire, and therefore studied less. By circumstantial evidence, it’s a real flame, not a plasma clot: the emergence of «wild fire» is not accompanied by electromagnetic effects. Unlike recently recognized by science «sprites» — high-altitude electric discharges, the duration of the life of the flame and the vortices generated by them is calculated.

«Wild fire» lights up in the sky after a lightning discharge. Lightning acts like a match, burning some kind of gas and causing an unknown chemical reaction. Cloud turns off itself when running out of supply of gas-catalyst.

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