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First contact (video)

Experimental believe we are waiting for contact with alien civilizations, perhaps they are hostile to earthlings. Why in the World will create a unified center for the prevention and reflection of cosmic threats. Recall that there is a…

Фантастические технологии древних доказывают: официальная история – ложь

Передовые исследователи, те же конспирологи – сторонники мирового заговора против человечества – собрали уже десятки тысяч доказательств, что история, навязанная человечеству, - это ложь. Среди таких доказательств и редкие…

The last mystery of Hitler (video)

Secrets of the past: Adolf Hitler committed suicide or was still alive and was able to escape? — Where you been hiding from the international Tribunal, the secret, the scientific archive of Hitler? The last mystery of Hitler

UFO over the Turkish village of Riva

Early on the morning of 9 October 2017 over the Turkish village of Riva, located on the black sea coast, soared in the sky glowing UFO (see video below). Bright spherical object motionless in the sky over the greet the dawn village, found a…